Friday, January 11, 2013

Tom Nettles to deliver inaugural lectures at the Nicole Institute

If you are in the Orlando, Florida area, or can get there next week, you should take advantage of a great opportunity being afforded by the Nicole Institute of Baptist Studies at Reformed Theological Seminary. Dr. Tom Nettles, one of the premier Baptist historical theologians in our day, will be delivering lectures January 14-18 on Baptist Confessions at RTS-Orlando. Dr. Nettles has done extensive research into denominational, associational and individual Baptist confessions, especially as they have helped shaped Baptist identity.

The Nicole Institute, named after the late, distinguished Baptist theologian, Roger Nicole, was formed last year by Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando to encourage Baptist students in the study of reformed and Baptist theology and piety. The course can be taken for full MDiv credit or audited for a nominal cost. For more information contact the registrar's office.

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Have we done all we can?

I've had this question put to me in various forms hundreds of times during my ministry. "Isn't there more we can do?" "Have we done everything possible?" "Can't we do more?" Usually the question is asked in relation to some painful difficulty, often arising from a strained or broken relationship. For example, when a son or daughter begins to turn from the ways of the Lord that parents have tried to teach them. Or when a spouse decides to walk away from marriage. Or a church member decides to break his or her membership covenant.

I have watched parents agonize through tears about the "more" that they could have done to rescue a wayward child. And I've heard church members ask, sometimes in almost accusatory tones, "Have the elders done everything possible to help this person" as the process of corrective discipline is unfolding in the church. Several years ago, I started answering this question with a simple, "No. We have not done everything possible" (read the rest of the article)