Wednesday, June 20, 2012

New Books from Founders Press

I'm excited to announce the newest title from Founders Press: Whomever He Wills, Surprising Display of Sovereign Mercy. Edited by Tom Nettles and Matthew Barrett. Contributors include Tom Schreiner, Bruce Ware, Steve Lawson, Andy Davis, Tom Hicks, Steve Wellum et al (including me). A special 1/2 price prepub offer starts today. Order now through July 31 for only $13.00. The books will ship July 15.

Also new from Founders Press is my ebook, Traditional Theology and the SBC: An Interaction with and Response to The Traditionalist Statement of God's Plan of Salvation. It is FREE to download, until June 30, 2012.


Russell Taylor said...


Thank you for your hard work in responding to the "TS". You and Tom Nettles are a great encouragement and certainly have responded in a way that exemplifies the balance between graciousness and appropriate defensiveness of the truth. As Jeff Noblit is fond of saying, "If we're gonna preach grace, we ought to have a little." Y'all are great examples of the true spirit of calvinism. I would love to see more dialog like y'all are so willing to have and less dialog with the straw men that the opponents of calvinism would prefer to debate. It is rather frustrating that the caricatures and straw men never go away, no matter how many times they are clearly exposed as such. I know you must get discouraged, but please know that there are many who draw great encouragement from the persistent work of you and Tom N. as well as others. While some think they speak for a "majority" that may or may not exist. Be assured that you speak for many that truly do echo your heart and words. May the spirit and attitude of similar ministries become what calvinist are known for.

GUNNY said...

Just ordered 10 copies of Whomever He Wills ... in case I want to read it more than once.

But I may share as well, not greedy really.