Monday, November 29, 2010

GBC Pastors sing Season's Greetings

This nice little gift was sent to me today from one of my daughters who appreciates the pastors of Grace and Providence. It's that season again and this new little JibJab takes a while to load, but it's worth the wait. :)

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Buffafly said...

Wow! That just puts the "merry" right into the season! I think my favorite was Ken. Did he write the song too?

Missing GBC,
Terri Brady said...

You know, Tom, this puts a whole new spin on you being labeled a "hyper" Calvinist.

But seriously, I'm glad you kept me on the drums. That's where the trouble makers express their holiday jubilee.

Tom said...

Yeah, Ken definitely cuts loose on those numbers.

We miss you and your family, too!


KRegnier said...

Funny! Shawn looks a little too much like Jack Sparrow. I think Dr. Puls should try that jump in service sometime.

graceb4me said...

that's some serious bling you are sportin' there Tom! who knew?
and no wonder you have that look on your face... all that head bangin has got to put your neck in some serious pain! :D

Tom said...

That head banging probably explains a lot!

cee said...

You mean that wasn't Jack Sparrow (lol)I loved it!!

B Nettles said...

The big hair makes you look like you stuck your finger in a light socket or got struck by lightning.

Security word: daphe

As in "Duck?"

Rev. said...

Rock on! Wicked vocals, Tom. It's also nice to see Ken finally cut loose. ;)