Monday, February 22, 2010

Pray for the Midwest Founders Conference & the Great Commission Task Force

I am preparing to travel to St. Louis tomorrow for the Midwest Founders Conference where I will join Ray Van Neste and Phil Newton in speaking on Pastoral Ministry. Unfortunately, Dr. John Thornbury has had to back out of speaking due to health issues (from which, I understand, he is recovering well). Though the temperatures are expected to be about 60ยบ colder than what I am leaving in SW Florida, the fellowship is always warm at this meeting. If you are in the St. Louis area, I encourage you to attend the conference or at least try to catch a session or two.

Please pray that the Lord will use this conference to strengthen to hands of pastors and to prosper the churches they serve.

Today is also the day that the Great Commission Resurgence Task Force (GCRTF) is giving its report to the Executive Committee of the SBC. Ronnie Floyd, the Chairman of the GCRTF will be leading the way in setting forth observations and recommendations that have been formulated since last June. Contrary to earlier, speculative bloviating by the crowd of chronic naysayers, the GCRTF is making this report available to the churches well in advance of the June convention in Orlando. You should be able to access it online tonight around 10:30 PM Eastern time.

Pray for the Executive Committee meeting today. And pray particularly that every God-honoring, Christ-exalting, pride-killing, kingdom-focused recommendation that the task force proposes will resonate with Southern Baptists who are tired of the denominational status quo and who are longing to link arms to take the gospel to the nations.


Chuck said...

I will definitely pray for that. FBC Saint Peters was my church home for six years or so and we love them very much- I remember hearing you speak there a few years ago (as well as at FBC Fenton, where my wife grew up under Dr. Greever). I'm a little bit jealous- I'd love to go that conference.

Safe travels.

Chuck said...

Oops! I posted that under an old profile I forgot even existed...

J.D. Rector said...

I know you have been busy with the Midwest Founders Conference, but many of us in the SBC really respect your wisdom. Do you have any comments/wisdom regarding the Great Commission Task Force report?

J.D. Rector

Tom said...

JD: I do plan to give my thoughts on it, but it will have to wait until next week.


Will said...

I too would be very interested in your perspective on the report. I listened to it online.

Cedar Hill Tx

Christopher said...

Okay, what is this memo I keep hearing about?