Thursday, October 15, 2009

USA Today on banning evangelical faith from sports

Tom Krattenmaker thinks that religion and sports don't mix. At least certain kinds of religious conviction shouldn't be allowed in the realm of athletics.

With the release of his book on the subject, Onward Christian Athletes: Turning Ballparks into Pulpits and Players into Preachers, Krattenmaker looks to extend his peculiar views of religious discrimination to a larger audience.

His recent article in USA Today has has already begun that effort by taking aim particularly at University of Florida's Heisman Trophy winner, Tim Tebow. Krattenmaker acknowledges the value of having some "moral guidance" infused into sports through religious, particularly Christian, sportsmen. But that good is outweighed by the bad that comes when kind of Christianity being espoused is Tebow's type--the conservative and evangelical kind.

The problem, as Krattenmaker sees it, is that "civic resource know as 'our team'--a resource supported by buying, game-watching and tax-paying--is being leveraged b a one-truth evangelical campaign that has little appreciation for the beliefs of the rest of us." Despite acknowledging that "Jesus-professing athletes are among the best citizens in their sector" who "commit good deeds daily in communities across this country" he is deeply concerned about a "shadow side" of their influence that comes from the exclusivity of their faith.

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Dave Miller said...

I just shouldn't read articles like this. It just makes me mad!

I have been a confirmed and passionate Gator-hater for several decades. The sincerity and passion of Tim Tebow's faith has turned me into a Gator fan, at least for this year.

The funny thing about all this is that Mr. Krattenmaker probably styles himself a champion of freedom of speech.

The modern definition of freedom of speech includes only that which is not conservative or Christian.

Dan said...

I agree with Dave on this one...just makes me ill. Is he just trying to make a name for himself or does he think he can honestly change a person's belief?

Brent Hobbs said...

I just think its great that Christian athletes are making a big enough impact that its getting under this guy's skin.

Roy Hargrave said...

It must be remembered that Krattenmaker is an unbeliever and unbelievers usually contradict themselves due to moral depravity. He said, “ . . . that good is outweighed by the bad that comes when [the] kind of Christianity being espoused is Tebow’s type – the conservative and evangelical kind,” which actually is Christianity.

Then he stated his predilection when he said, “[We’re] being leveraged [by] a one-truth evangelical campaign that has little appreciation for the beliefs of the rest of us.” Translation = guilty conscience.

This is an example of the proverbial pot calling the kettle black. He writes for a newspaper and states that football is supported by what he designated as “buying” and “game watching,” what’s that mean? So we’ll say, “print reading,” and “tax-paying,” if President Obama has his way, for he has stated that he’s seriously considering bailing out NEWSPAPERS. So will Krattenmaker still be able to spew his venom if he gets in the same boat as College football? YES! Venom = Politically correct, Christianity = Bigoted, Bias, Buffoonish, Bamboozled, Bereft, Berated, and Belittled. Oh, I forgot, and Believers.

What a sad state of affairs, but in fact, it was ordained by God, so if God can abide such ignorance for the present time, so must we. Love your enemies and pray for their souls! And please don’t forget to take heed to thyself, for such ignorance secretly abides in our remaining flesh.

Your's Truly,

Will said...

As a Florida State University graduate, I despise the gators.

But, the Cross of Christ is much more important than school loyalties, and I have admired Tim's public acknowledgement and acting out of his faith.

The display of Christian faith in the public sector is offensive to the unbeliever, as it is a display of exclusivenes in the Cross of Christ, which infuriates them. Nothing more or leas than Satan continuing his last days fight, and we should not be surprised as its intensity increases. Next on the agenda is to attack our right to speak openly about Christ anywhere.

Enjoyed hearing you again in Mansfield few weeks back.

Cedar Hill Tx

Docsalogy said...

I particularly liked his comments expressing concern for the little Jewish kid who might be a fan of these athletes. As a kid I know I always felt very threatened whenever Ahmad Rashad caught a pass, or Kareem Abdul Jabbar dunked a basketball. It particularly bothered me to see a Notre Dame game, or whenever Catholic baseball players would cross themselves before walking into the batter's box. As a little Baptist kid I just couldn't bear it!

Grow up!

Jeff said...

Can someone confirm Tim's faith? I was told that he a member of the LSD.

RichardS said...

For whatever it is worth, this article speaks of his home church as being 1st Baptist in Jacksonville.

David said...

"LSD" church. Now that's funny.

But to my point: Ted Kluck, if you're reading this, please engage Mr. Krattenmaker on this issue.