Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Southwest Founders Conference, September 24-26

I am looking forward to participating in the 2009 Southwest Founders Conference next week, hosted by Heritage Baptist Church in Mansfield, Texas (just outside Ft. Worth). The theme is, The Foolishness of Preaching. I am scheduled to speak 3 times. If you are in the area, try to catch some of the sessions. It begins Thursday, September 24 and concludes Saturday.

Andrew Nicewander will provide liveblogging
during the conference. Check out his blog to get summaries of the messages. I'll undoubtedly be tweeting during conference. ;)


Kern Pegues said...

Tom, my wife and myself will try to meet some of your talks if our daughter in law does not go into labor during that time. While you are here, try to make one of the services at The Village to hear Matt Chandler. Our service times are 5 and 7 pm Sat. and 9 11:15 Sunday. Hope to see you and we will pray that God will poor out blessings on you.


Will said...

Look forward to seeing you again this year.

Cedar Hill

Dr. Fletcher Law said...

I always appreciate your blog. I have rarely commented but read it regularly.
I am planting a church in Gainesville, Georgia called Redeemer Baptist Church with Bible studies till we start worship. We hope to "launch" on Easter Sunday April 4th 2009. We are in particular trying to reach unchurched men.
"We're looking for a Few Bad Men." Men like that women grimace at that slogan. That's for fun. We will take worship seriously.
I would like you and some of your many readers to check out my website as I will have a blog link and Redeemer update link detailing our journey. I would be open to helpful comments as we attempt to plant a God honoring theologicaly sound Baptist church.
I am sure your readers will be glad to give helpful theologogical advice in planting. Don't worry. We know God's the seeker not us.

In Christ Alone,

Fletcher Law

FireBreathingChristian said...

Hello Tom,

Greetings from Missouri!

I wish that I was able to attend this event and I certainly will pray that God will use it all to His glory.

I have just stumbled upon your site today and am happy to have found a source for well written, biblically sound material. This is a beautiful thing!

I've just jumped into the blogosphere myself in recent weeks, launching , where the most recent post is entitled "Candy Christianity: The Counterfeit Gospel of the American Church".

It is always encouraging to connect with like-minded Christians. It is instances such as this that I am very grateful to Al Gore for inventing the Internet.

Soli Deo gloria!


Larry said...

Tom, it was nice to meet you and I enjoyed the conference. As one of the few laymen there, let me say how impressed I was with the pastors I met and with the general level of discourse. Also, I appreciated the effort made to keep the cost down, as many of the pastors were from very small churches. God bless your efforts.