Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pray for Brian Hamrick

UPDATE: Wednesday at 3:30 PM Eastern Time I spoke with Katherine and learned that Brian has had 2 stable days. He was taken off the ventilator for 15 minutes today and responded well. The doctors are hopeful that further surgery will not be necessary and they plan to start slowly taking him off the heavy medications soon. The family is encouraged and very grateful for the prayers of friends far and near.

Please pray for my friend, Brian Hamrick, pastor of First Baptist Church in Clewiston, Florida. Brian had to be rushed via life-flight to Ft. Myers late Saturday night due to complications following major surgery. Early Monday morning his condition deteriorated and sepsis set in.

In an email late last night his wife, Katherine, wrote, "He is a strong man and is fighting for his life. Please be in prayer for him. God is in control and can do anything! Our hope is in Christ, the ultimate healer and great physician."

Please pray for Brian, Katherine and their 2 sons, Nathan (4) and Luke (1).


R W S said...

Our family will lift his whole family before the our merciful and sovereign Lord.

travishilton said...

Brian is a precious brother and a stong man indeed. We will be praying for Brian, Katherine and his family today.

Travis Hilton

David McCrory said...

We too will offer our petitons before the Lord for this faithful family.

pregador27 said...

I am praying for him Tom. Reading the church website, it seems that he is a younger pastor. Praying for his family as well.

B Nettles said...

Brian passed away this evening, Friday, April 24. I don't know what time, but around 9 or 10 pm. It was sudden according to the associate pastor.

Pray for Brian's family and FBC, Clewiston, especially Joshua (associate pastor) and Todd (worship pastor).

Kenny said...

Brian and I served here on the Northern Neck together. He was a dear friend and a precious brother. We will continue to pray for Katherine and the boys and the rest of his family.