Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Gospel and Founders Ministries

From its inception 26 years ago, Founders Ministries has been concerned about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We want to see the Gospel recovered and proclaimed far and wide. Our conviction is that the Gospel is what unbelievers need to be saved and what believers need to stay saved. In other words, what God has done for us in Jesus Christ is essential not only for our regeneration and justification, but also for our sanctification and glorification. We never advance beyond the Gospel.

The following video was put together by my daughter, Rebecca, as a tool to help introduce Founders Ministries to folks who don't know about us. It was supposed to be included in a presentation I recently gave to some business and ministry leaders, but was inadvertently left out. God overruled that glitch to enable me simply to preach the Gospel to those present, for which I was very grateful.

But the video does express something of the heartbeat of Founders, and it is worth sharing.



donsands said...

Your daughter is very talented. And the message on the video is weel said, and edifying.

I just finished reading your article on Hell in TableTalk, and it was another well written lesson. Though I may disagree with you that I believe Jesus spoke more about Heaven than He did about Hell. At least that's what it seems to me as I look through the Gospels.
he surely taught us about Hell more than any other Teacher.

Doug said...


On a different note:

Johnny Hunt spoke at a church planters' meeting for our state convention last Thursday (Southern Baptist Conservatives of Virginia) and was talking about how, as president, he seeks to promote unity on the essentials and liberty on the non-essentials among Southern Baptists.

I know that he has received much flack by some of us in the Calvinistic camp, but I just wanted to report that he mentioned Calvinistic Baptists by name as being among those that he seeks to work with.

He also went as far as mentioning the apology that was written by Scott Morgan to him and posted on the Founder's blog as an evidence that the friction between the theological camps is being lessened under his watch (he did not mention the Founder's blog nor Mr. Morgan by name- he simply said that the apology came from "one of the main Calvinist blogs"- and I suspect that I'm probably the only one in the room that knew what he was talking about).

Anyhow, I was somewhat encouraged by these statements (just the mere fact that the words "Calvinist" and "cooperate" were uttered together was encouraging enough!) and just wanted to pass them along.

Doug Short, www.flyingsola.blogspot.com

Tom said...


Thanks, brother.


I believe Johnny Hunt will be used of God to promote the kind of unity that honors Christ, celebrates commonalities and respects differences among the SBC family. Some people--of various theological stripes--think that cannot be done. I think it can, and I believe Johnny Hunt can lead the way.

Thanks for letting us know about this.


GeneMBridges said...

Agreed. I am, I think, beginning to notice here and there that folks on the other side of the aisle are finally beginning to tell their more zealous compatriots "that's not helpful, brother," more and more.

Will said...

Hey Tom
Your daughter is talented, but then you knew that. :)

Narration wasn't bad either. who was that guy anyway?

Hope your recovery is on track

Cedar Hill Tx

Tom said...


I think we have many reasons to be encouraged that the future will be better than the immediate past in these kinds of dialogues.


Yeah, she got her momma's genes, fortunately. The narrator was some guy who agreed to work for free. You get what you pay for...

johnMark said...


Nice video and excellent explanation of the Gospel and its necessity.

Speaking of Johnny Hunt. Have you heard Paul Washer's recent sermon at FBC Woodstock? I don't know what, if any, reaction Johnny Hunt had, but I'm encourage about what I'm hearing about him.


Sarah said...

Great video, Tom...and thanks for your ministry.

Tom said...



John Mark:

I did listen to part of it. It is great so far!


Eric M Schumacher said...

Is there a link available to embed the video in our own blogs? (If so, I couldn't find it.)