Saturday, October 04, 2008

Friday is for films (ok...home movies)

This brother and sister are part of the gang of preschoolers of Grace Baptist Church who help make our gatherings particularly bright and joyful. This clip, shot by my daughter and posted with the parents' permission, shows why. It also shows just how much they hold back when we they are in "big church!"

Children serve as "perspective-givers" for me. At the end of week full of difficult news from the global economy, we can use some large doses of fresh perspective. Enjoy.


Terrell Academy Chapel said...


I dance like that after each deacons' meeting.


Wyman Richardson

Tom said...


Get one of your deacons to make a video of you after the next meeting, and I promise to post it!


Russell Taylor said...


I love the kids. Did they learn there moves from their pastor?

Also, have you gotten the ESV Study Bible yet. The UPS man delivered mine yesterday and it's the best I've ever seen. It's worth promoting.

Russell said...

I like the kids dance in the video.They are really cute.