Sunday, September 21, 2008

Upcoming conferences

One of the evidences of the doctrinal reformation that we are in is the proliferation of doctrinally sound conferences over the last two decades. Dozens of such conferences are held each year across the USA. Two years ago a friend counted over 5o that were scheduled within a 12 month span. While conferences are far from the the essence of reformation, they do provide something of a barometer to measure the growing interest in the doctrines of grace in our day.

Following is information on two of meetings that will be held this week.

The Southwest Founders Conference will meet Sept. 25-27 at Heritage Baptist Church in Mansfield, Texas. The theme is "Growing the Local Church." I am scheduled to speak 4 times. If you are in the area, come by and say hello. Andrew Nicewander plans to live-blog the conference, so check his blog if you are interested in the notes and info on the audio. I may try to "live-twitter" it. ;-)

The Evangelical Forum will host a leadership conference for Pastors and Laymen Sept. 26-27 in Charlottesville, Virginia. The theme is "Of God and Of the Holy Trinity." Joseph Pipa and Bruce Ware will be the speakers.


GUNNY said...

Looking forward to the conference and having you back on loan in the Lone Star State

Pastor Jeff said...


Thanks for mentioning the Evangelical Forum meeting coming up this weekend (September 26-27) with Dr. Ware and Dr. Pipa. We are really looking forward to the meeting. There is no cost to attend the conference, and we invite anyone who is close to the Central Virginia area to join us.

Blessing, Jeff Riddle

DoGLover said...

Wish I could join you in Texas. When you see pastors Larry & Steve, have a group hug for me & enjoy some good Tex-Mex.

By grace,

Will said...

Look forward to meeting you this weekend.

Cedar Hill Tx

NativeVermonter said...

I would love to attend the "Purpose Driven Death" Conference ( at High Pointe Baptist in Austin (October 18-19). I'm thinking you'll walk away from that one with a different worldview.

eqdj said...


I'll tweet the conference also

-junior (@eqdj)

Joshua Owen said...

I am encouraged by the number of conferences devoted to reclaiming the gospel for the church and proclaiming the gospel to the world. Our church has celebrated our Christian heritage in October by inviting Church historians to help us consider the lives of those who taught the word of God to us and to imitate their faith. This year we are focusing on the life of John Calvin. Anyone in Eastern North Carolina may be interested in hearing Dr. Dave Puckett of Southern Seminary address "With Calvin in the School of Christ." This conference is for the church members, but I think it would be of interest to pastors who are praying and working for reform, considering Dr. Puckett's expertise. If interested call 910-488-2668 and ask for Josh. There is also a great pastors' conference at Springs of Life Bible Church in Durham, NC, sponsored by Reformation Truth Ministries and Springs of Life.

Arthur Sido said...

Dr. Ascol,

I know Founders is a SOUTHERN Baptist group, but any chance of upcoming conferences in the North?!

Chris Davis said...

Speaking of conferences, will we get to see you in Miami again this year?

Tom said...


We have no Founders events scheduled for "up north," but I think there are some other conferences. Check Challies' blog. He often highlights conferences.


I hope to make it to the Miami Pastors' Conference again this year. And I hope to bring some the men from our church with me. Hope to see you there.


Strong Tower said...

Been listening and relistening to the conference videos from SWFC. Powerful and enlightening. I have passed them along to others and linked to them also. They will be among my favored fine pass time wisely listening. Thanks to all of the participants for opening up the Scriptures as they did.

Good to see you healthy.

Danny said...

Aah, a conference sounds great right about now. Tired of dealing with difficult church issues...need to hear how someone has done it "right".

In Christ Alone said...

Speaking of upcoming conferences, Holly Ridge Baptist Church in Blacksburg, SC is hosting a church discipline conference with Bro. Jeff Noblit. You can find out more information here: