Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Special Opportunity for Mac Heads

Note: For the following is Macintosh users only (which now includes Joe Thorn, James White, Tim Brister and soon--before December 31, I'm guessing--will include Ed Stetzer).

For the last year I have taken advantage of special offers from Macupdate. I have received some very useful programs for very little money. Another of their special offers is going on right now. It is a different kind of marketing approach. The more people who purchase the discounted bundle, the more applications will be added to it at no extra charge. If you use a Mac, take a peek by clicking the banner in the sidebar.


Stan McCullars said...

As a reformed reader (and a user of PCs) I assume it would be hypocritical of me to complain that this isn't fair.

Tom said...


Nah, it's not hypocritical. But you really should become a reformed computer user, too! ;-)

Chuck said...

I, too, am a Reformed convert to iMac who won't be turning back! But I can't find a banner on the sidebar that takes me to the offer you mention.

Tom said...


Strange. Try refreshing your browser or just going to my main page. http://www.founders.org/blog/ If that doesn't work, I will consider it a plot by Vista ninjas!