Monday, September 08, 2008

Isaiah 50:1-3, Rethinking God (in Wordle)

Yesterday was my first Sunday back in the pulpit at Grace. Six weeks ago, I was highly doubtful that I would ever be granted such a privilege again. God, in His rich grace, enabled me to preach from Isaiah 50 under the theme of "Rethinking God." The graphic above is my sermon in Wordle. If you are unfamiliar with Wordle you can check it out at their website. The original is found here.


Greg Welty said...

Umm, uh, hmm...


Greg Welty said...

Here's the Wordle for ch. 1 of Joel Osteen's _Your Best Life Now_.

It looks like Tom's and Joel's messages are God-centered. Thus, this is a very useful tool.


Jerry said...

I have been praying for your return to the pulpit, and for God to fully restore you after your "electrifying" experience.

(I am not so sure about the value of Wordle, especially after seeing the comparison with Osteen. This is due to the fact that I know for a fact that when you speak of God you have a different conception than he does.)

Tom said...


I never knew Olsteen was so big on God! I just discovered wordle last week and find it to be pretty cool. No theological statement intended, just fun.

FWIW, here is a wordle for your article on Baptism.


Tom said...


Thanks for your prayers. The Lord has been very kind to me and I am confident that He has so dealt with me in response to the thoughtful prayers that you and others have made for me. I am deeply grateful.


Greg Welty said...


LOL. Looks like 'covenant' ends up being bigger than 'God'. Some of my colleagues are going to have a field day with that one! :-)

BTW, so glad you're preaching again.

Russell Taylor said...

Dear Tom,

Glad to hear your back. We've been praying for you. God is good. I've never seen wordle before, but I'll check it out.


xfrmdxrenewal said...

Not really a comment on the Wordle of Isaiah (which I find Wordle to be very fun and have to resist the temptation to waste time there) but on to my actual reason for this. I was wondering about the picture at the top of the blog; it used to link to a bio of the men in the picture but now it goes to a message saying the accounts been suspended - I'd love to get a copy of that bio for my husband and I. If you have time otherwise no worries. :) Thanks so much.