Saturday, August 30, 2008

Tom Nettles interviewed on Founders Podcast

A few weeks ago I interviewed Tom Nettles, professor of historical theology at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, for the Founders Podcast. The first part of that interview is available here. In it Dr. Nettles talks about how he became a seminary professor and the book, Baptists and the Bible, which he co-authored with the late Russ Bush just as the inerrancy controversy was beginning in the SBC. Part 1 is 13 minutes.


Ivan said...

Great interview! Looking forward to the rest of it. I was at SWBTS when Nettles and Bush were teaching. I had a class with Bush. I didn't with Nettles and I truly regret that now. This interview reminded me of my days at SWBTS. They were very good days!

Thanks, Tom

Stephen Thomas said...

Dr. Nettles is going to be speaking at my church on November 1 and 2. I am excited as all get out! I am pickled tink! There doesn't seem to be any info up on the church website yet, but there probably will be. Anyone in the Fort Worth, TX should come!

Stephen Thomas said...

Ahem, that should say "Fort Worth, TX area". Pardon me.