Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Founders Podcast

Tim Brister interviewed me in the first of what we hope will be many Founders Podcasts. You can read about it and download it over at his blog. We talked about the upcoming Founders Conference on church planting and church renewal next week in Owasso, Oklahoma (there is still time to register) and a little about last week's Southern Baptist Convention, particularly the issues surrounding Resolution #6 on recovering regenerate church membership and church discipline in our congregations.


Bob Cleveland said...


Good podcast. But I'm not sure we've lost the gospel. I think that preachers have lost (if they ever had) to motivate the people to see the gospel as exciting as it really is.

As a retired insurance salesman, I know that, when someone says "the price is too high", they're really saying "I don't see the value". So when people don't want to yield to the Spirit and walk with Jesus, it's that they don't see the value. I have to tell you that, at 70, I see it more and more and I wish that someone had gotten through to me years ago.

That thought is helped by my being a Calvinist, by the way.

I do know that when I see one of my members respond to the challenge in a tangible way, like going off to teach young people, or selling their bug home to buy a smaller one so mommy can stay home with the babies, there's no new car I've ever gotten that can compare to THAT thrill.

Churches are teaching. Pastors are preaching. But people still see church as something to do, rather than an organization that exists to help THEM do something ... other than just go there.

Bob Cleveland said...

Prior comment should say ... preachers have lost the ABILITY, or perhaps the desire....

Tom said...


Thanks for your thoughts on this. When I raise the question of having lost the Gospel, I am thinking primarily not of the facts of the Gospel being completely forgotten, but of its centrality to all of life no longer being recognized. Thus, the facts tend to get watered down into quick steps that a person is led through mentally and upon completion he is pronounced saved. When that approach is taken, the the beauty and comprehensiveness of the person and work of Christ gets eclipsed.

Much of what is being preached today simply does not produce the kind of sacrificial living that you described. That's what I want to see recovered and proclaimed again.

Jerry Brewer said...

Pastor Tom,

I just listened to the podcast and thought it hit the mark. I can hardly wait for the conference next week. I burned a copy of the discussion and am planning to hand it out to some at church tonight. I think it will be very helpful in communicating not only the goal of the conference but also the heart of those who share your heart and concern for Christ, the gospel, and His church.

As a recently reformed SBC pastor, I can attest personally to the value of these kinds of resources. For me, they are a necessity not only for strengthening and building healthy churches but also a means of ministerial survival. God bless you and thank you.

Tom said...


Thanks, brother. I have prayed for you and your church and am excited that you are there seeking to lead them to recover and live out truths from God's Word. I look forward to seeing you next week, DV.


johnMark said...


Is this an actual podcast as in an mp3 found on iTunes? Or is it just an mp3 file?