Monday, May 12, 2008

2008 Founders Conference

Early registration ends soon for the 2008 Founders Conference scheduled for June 24-27 in Oklahoma. Speakers include Ed Stetzer, Voddie Baucham, Tom Nettles, Don Whitney, Andy Davis, Ted Christman and Phil Newton. These men will address issues related to church reformation and church planting.

I cannot think of a more important and urgent need for evangelicals within and beyond the SBC. By almost any method of evaluation many if not most of our churches are in need of spiritual revitalization. The need for new, healthy churches is widespread. The nexus of efforts to address both needs is the Gospel itself.

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Doug said...

As an SBC church planter, I grieve over the many conversations I have had with other SBC planters over methodology and theology. Church planting is only a good thing in as far as those doing the planting are establishing churches with strong theological moorings and philosophies of growth and polity which are biblically informed. How I wish the church planting strategists in our state conventions would forbid their planters from reading church growth books and require them to spend that time, instead, in their Bibles , in works of theology, and interacting with guys like you at Founders and the guys over at 9 Marks. Then we would be able to be much prouder of the work that is being done. As it is, there are some churches that, though I really like the particular planter, I can't help but feel that the Kingdom would be better off if that particular church wasn't planted. I am so thankful for the work you are doing and will pray for the Conference.

As a sidenote, David Wells' new book "The Courage to Be Protestant" would be required reading for any planter if I had my way.

GUNNY said...

I'm so excited about the theme and as a church planter and former church renewer, I certainly hope to be in attendance.

I'll be praying for a great conference either way.

DoGLover said...

Tom, I'd love to join you. If God wills... I'll be praying for you either way.

Doug, as a former IMB missionary, I often said we can only reproduce what we are. With you, I pray that the current addiction to business & marketing models will soon pass.

David Milton said...

It should be a great conference indeed.