Wednesday, April 09, 2008

We won!!, wait, we got outscored!

The results were announced tonight on the Blog Madness Final Four over at SBC Voices. First we won. Then, after a was determined that we got outscored. Tony Kummer went back and checked his auto vote counter thingy and discovered a malfunction. Though no outside auditor has verified his findings, he has reversed his original announcement of our victory and declared Southern alumnus, Steve McCoy, the victor.

As an old Aggie, I have learned that we never lose, we just get outscored or run out of time. Both happened in the final balloting. The first announcement was that we won 312-302. After the recount, however, it was determined that my winning votes came in too late...after the 8:01 PM Monday deadline, when the vote count stood at 299 for Reformissionary and 295 for Founders.

I think it is safe to say that the people have spoken...just not soon enough!

Thanks to all who voted, and thanks to Tony and Steve for the fun.

Just wait till next year!


GUNNY said...

Well ... I didn't see this coming ... a RECOUNT was called for and received.

As we say in Aggieland, that is bad bull.

“The total vote count was 666″

Uh … we don’t even have an expression for that!

I'm gutted. It's not as bad as losing to t.u., but it still stings, especially after celebrating the victory all day today.

Strong Tower said...

Well, you're in Florida, just blame it on hanging chads.

Rev. said...

Florida. Hanging chads.
Chicago. Irregular voting (citizens in cemeteries).

See the issue here?!?

kingofbleh said...

Tom -

You may not have won, but you are #1 in all our hearts!

[Steve - QUICK! Hide those fake voter ID cards!!!]


Strong Tower said...

That's it rev, unregenerate votership!

The dead cannot discern what is good.

Rhett said...

Send in the lawyers!!! LOL!

pregador27 said...

If I were only a democRAT, I would have voted for you four more times. Drat.

Charlie Waller said...

Maybe we should take this cruise. After all, 4 days of horrible theology should make any other pain go away.

pregador27 said...

I received the jbs tour offer in my email and told them not to bother me unless they came up with someone worth listening to besides Hunt, Vines, Caner, etc. I would like to know where they obtained my email address.

BTW- no response from them yet.

dlytle said...

Maybe it's because Steve McCoy is so trendy. After all...he did post the video to explain why it's popular to wear a red jock strap over your pants. He also posted a video clip with blasphemy and warned folks that it had "A little colorful language. This clip is for Mommies and Daddies only." 4/15/08

dlytle said...

Or maybe it's Pastor Steve's humble, merciful, repentant reply:

"DLytle and D.J., I don't have time for people who see my clear warning and choose to watch anyway. Or ones who see the warning and watch in order to judge me and my blog. Go elsewhere. Thanks."