Thursday, April 24, 2008

Other reflections on the 2007 ACP report

The Southern Baptist blogosphere is buzzing with comments on the ACP report that was released yesterday. Chris Elrod has a 30 minute video conversation with Ed Stetzer about it. Timmy Brister has weighed in with his typically insightful analysis.

The best comments that I have read come from Nathan Finn. Nathan teaches church history at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and is one of the sharpest thinkers of the rising generation of Southern Baptists. Some guys are easier to like from a distance. Nathan wears well. The more you know him, the more you love and appreciate him. His insights are prophetic and need to be read by every Southern Baptist pastor and church member who cares even a little bit about the association of churches known as the SBC. He asks the question, "Does the SBC have a future?" and succinctly highlights some of our very serious problems that certain leaders either refuse to admit or regard as traitorous to articulate. Nathan defies that mentality and speaks humbly, clearly and boldly. Just go read it.


Will said...

"Moderates were right about at least one thing: they predicted conservative Southern Baptists would be so used to fighting after the 1980s that they would turn on each other after all the moderates are gone. What I actually think is going on is that we are creating “new” moderates by attacking, often in the most un-Christlike and intellectually dishonest ways, those who disagree with us. It happens to complimentarians who do not agree with everything CBMW says. It happens to Calvinists who dare to rock the boat by talking about doctrinal issues that are not ecclesiologically motivated. It happens to “continuationist” Southern Baptists who accept the ongoing validity of the spiritual gifts. It happens to Southern Baptists who break from the party line (but not the majority line, I daresay) on issues like the terms of communion and the validity of some alien immerisons. It happens to conservative Southern Baptists who break with the convention’s very public love affair with the Religious Right by suggesting there may be more “social” issues to engage than just abortion and the homosexual agenda. And it for sure happens to Southern Baptists who do not buy the tortured exegesis that argues that drinking alcohol is inherently sinful."....

...."But if by “future” one means a vital existence in God’s economy, I have my doubts. Collectively, I fear we are too insular, too sectarian, too pugnacious, too “Southern,” too reactionary, too pragmatic, and for sure too proud to have any real future."

This is where my head and heart is. It is the local church that is the heart of the New Testament. That is where we must concentrate.

Cedar Hill Texas

ForHisSake said...

Was Rome right? I say that simply to provoke thought. This has actually haunted me for quite sometime and there is no real solution to the problem. I suppose I hate to admit that (on this one point) Rome was actually prophetic! They warned the reformers that should they continue along this path, there would be hundreds if not thousands of splinter groups and the "Church" would be in chaos and confusion.

We all know that Luther's desire was to reform the Church, not to separate from it. It was the truth of the Gospel than and it is the truth of the Gospel now that is at stake and is causing division.

I realize that God is sovereign and He will use all of this for His purpose and His glory. I just wonder at times how much we have actually played into satan's hands and have created our own pope's and our little "vaticans" within the thousands of protestant denominations.

I could care less about the SBC. All I care about is that we preach Christ and Him crucified. We are not SBC ambassadors we are to be ambassadors of Christ.

I have no words of wisdom--just needed to express this. I frankly hate when Rome is right!

Perhaps this is the time to stop spending so much time discussing the problems within the SBC and preach the Word. Perhaps we need to trust the Word of God and the Power of God to do His work!