Saturday, April 12, 2008

Check out the new look at

An updated design at the Founders website was launched last night. One of the best upgrades is a new, easier to use bookstore, where you can now easily secure numerous excellent titles. There are also information and registration options on the upcoming Founders Breakfast at the SBC in Indianapolis with Eric Redmond.

Next week I plan to be at the T4G conference in Louisville (assuming that there are still enough jets deemed air-worthy to keep flights on schedule). I must also put my computer in hospital during this time. So, the slower blogging pace of the last few weeks will come to a virtual stop while repairs are being made. I hope to get back on track the following week.


jigawatt said...

Am I imagining things, or did a blog post get deleted?

Tom said...


You're not imagining it. When we made the shift over to the new format at, my blog got thrown for a loop. The post that showed up was from December 18, 2007. It was on Frank Page's comments on Calvinism in the SBC. That post can be found here.

jigawatt said...

Ah, I thought that post sounded familiar. And that it got quite a few comments in a short amount of time.

GUNNY said...


This isn't just the, "Oh, you've done something different with your hair" sort of change.

It's like went on Oprah and got a massive makeover and now its significant other will REALLY start to appreciate it.

I like the look & feel, but still can't believe ours is the only Founders Fraternal in the Lone Star State. What's up with that?!

Incidentally, anyone going to the national Founders conference in OK this summer?

I'm hoping to find some fellow DFW folks interested in carpooling, etc.

Arthur Sido said...

I like it, it is a lot more visually appealing and easier to navigate.

Jon said...

Hey Tom! Dr. Dansby's son here. I'll be at the conference next week, also. Hopefully I'll see you there. Thanks for being a great pastor for my dad.

Tom said...


Oprah??? That almost makes me want to go back to version 1.0!

Thanks, Arthur!


Good to hear from you. Let's definitely try to connect next week. I would enjoy the fellowship. I love watching God's grace work in your dad!

GUNNY said...

Okay, maybe not Oprah, maybe just "The View" (pre-Rosie years).

Don't go back to version 1.0. It was so Jenny Jones.