Friday, April 04, 2008

Blog Madness Final Four: Full Court Press

I'm a good sport and all. I don't trash talk. I play by the rules and I always hope the best man (or woman) wins. I also believe that it's not whether you win or lose, it's how you play the game.

I also greatly enjoy baskeball. So when I discovered that my blog had made it to the Big Dance (aka Tony Kummer's Blog Madness) I decided to take notice and see how the votes were going. It was interesting to see how the competition unfolded. I noticed that guys like Steve McCoy in the East Division and Timmy Brister in the Midwest made dramatic comebacks to get into the 2nd round. Then it dawned on me--they were begging for votes on their blogs! Very effectively, too, I might add. Shucks, after reading all of Steve's promises I almost voted for him myself.

Now we are in the Final Four and only Ascol, McCoy, Lumpkins and Stetzer are left. Currently, I am not quite winning. It is what it is. But as every sports fan knows, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. And it ain't over till the fat lady sings.

It looks like it is shaping up to be a show down between McCoy and me. Now it's show time, baby! Though some people think I should be happy just to be here, I am in it to win it and so I am going to a full court press. From scouting his moves in the previous rounds I discovered that McCoy likes to throw it down from downtown. He's a trifecta addict. I got one thing to say to that.
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Not in my house!

If you live by the 3, you die by the 3. If they can't score, they can't win. Offense may win games, but defense wins championships. Here's the instant replay, with a closer look (that's right, Joe, it ain't happening, and, uh...when we said "b-ball" I guess we shoulda been more specific, huh?).
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OK. All of this to say, go vote for the Founders Blog and let's put this championship to bed. Game on.


GUNNY said...

Release the hounds!

Let's rock the vote and send Tom to the SBC annual meeting with some serious bragging rights.

Just remember ... One grain may tip the scale. One man may make the difference between victory and defeat.

Timmy Brister said...


LOVE the photoshop work on the photos. I've had some in my hip pocket that I needed to make when Steve sent me email threats with Borat in a bikini. :)

Just a warning. Steve's a mastermind with photo manipulation.

BTW, I would love to take Joe and Steve on in a game of 2 on 2 half court.

Tom said...


Gig 'em, baby!


Photoshop? What's that? These pics were taken a couple of weeks ago. My daughter, Becca, sent them to me last night. She is a very creative photographer.

I'm in on the 2 on 2. Set it up and I'll be there!

Tim Rogers said...

Brother Tom,

How pathetic. You are being chosen as a result of asking. And you say it is God's Sovereignty. :>)

Good Luck.


GUNNY said...

C'mon, Tim!

Only a hyper-Calvinist denies the human responsibility to vote.

Tom is obligated to let them know what is expected of them.

Now, the voters have no moral ability to do the right think and vote for Tom, but Tom is called to be faithful in proclaiming the good news of blog voting nonetheless.

We've got to take advantage of the use of means, for that is the avenue by which the Blog Madness Final Four works!


Remember, today is the day of voting. You're not guaranteed tomorrow, so come down that aisle of the information superhighway and vote for Tom.

Now ... with every head bowed and every eye closed ...

Ed Stetzer said...

Tom, Tom, Tom,

I am very disappointed in you. You have stooped to a level of pragmatism I did not expect. What next? Swallowing a goldfish and shaving your head if you meet the Sunday School high attendance goal.

Some of us (those who are losing) are disappointed in this display of foolishness.


Tom said...


Gunny got it right. "Good luck"?? What's that??? ;-)


Pragmatism? Boy...I wish you Calvinists would quit playing that card! Don't you recognize contextualization when you see it? :-)

kschaub said...

Got to love photoshop!

Rich Barcellos said...

Contextualization? I do not think Paul meant that psychologically bruising a fifth grader and destroying his confidence while launching the rock from down-town is becoming all things to all men. You tall guys are brutal.