Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Brister cools off Global Warming Debate

Finally, someone has brought much-needed sanity to the recent Global Warming flap in the SBC. Through extensive research and interviews, Timmy Brister has brought together information that cannot be found in any other single source. The combination of cool heads and hot air make for the kind of moderate climate that breeds the kind of seriousness that much of this denominational debate deserves.

I think his post deserves some kind of environmental award.


GUNNY said...

I seem to remember talk of Global Cooling in the 70s.

This whole thing reminds me of the Twilight Zone episode where the earth was moving closer to the sun and everything was heating up and sending people into panics aplenty.

We then realized it was all a dream the young lady on the couch was having. The reality was that the earth was moving farther away from the sun and everything was getting significantly colder.

I wonder if we'll wake up at some point and realize it was all a dream.

I'm all for being good stewards of the Lord's planet, but I tend to think Global Warming is ... to use a junior high word ... bunk.

Stephen Newell said...

You sure are dated. We never said "bunk" in jr. high. For a year we said "a load of crap" and then someone invented the "cool" term of the year: crusty.

GUNNY said...

The preeminent "cool term" of my junior high experience was "Fresh," and I bet that REALLY dates me.


Stephen Newell said...

Ah yes, "fresh." Jim Cymbala didn't realize it was dated until he'd written 3 books on the word. ;-)