Sunday, March 09, 2008

Brister accepts call to Grace in Cape Coral

Tonight Grace Baptist Church in Cape Coral, where I serve as Senior Pastor, called Tim Brister to become our Associate Pastor. He has accepted that call and hopes to be on the field the last week of May.

The process has been very deliberate and marked by clear indications of the Lord's guidance throughout. Tim has recently compared it to giving birth.

This picture was taken last week when the Bristers visited Cape Coral and Tim was recommended to the church as a candidate for the office. The response from the church has been enthusiastic. Tonight at the close of our worship service we were able to have a live video chat with him and witness him accept the call in front of the church.

I figured out tonight that Tim is 3 months younger than I was when I was called to come serve Grace as pastor in 1986. We like to pick 'em young and keep long around here! I look forward to the privilege of working along side him for many years, if the Lord wills.

Pray for Timmy and Dusti (and Nolan) as he finishes up his last few weeks at Southern Seminary and prepares to transition to life in the subtropics.


GUNNY said...

You said, "We like to pick 'em young," but I assume Timmy is the one in the suit, not the one in the car seat. Right?


Happy for Grace Baptist family.

pregador27 said...

Having read Timmy's blog for a while now, I am sure that Grace will be blessed. Timmy is very intelligent and serious about serving Christ.

God bless GBC-CC and Timmy.

Bill said...

"It is also evident that the elders were not called in from remote places a favorite Bible college, theological seminary, or whatever. They were appointed to serve in their own church where they had proven themselves and demonstrated an ability to teach and lead."

--Fred Zaspel, "Spiritual Leaders in the Local Church"

Joe said...

I am excited for you all and will continue to pray for Grace as Timmy joins the leadership.

irreverend fox said...

brother Tom,

this is great news! and I REALLY like how you phrase things, "on the field"! I wish all of our SBC churches would see themselves in such missional terms!

brother Brister is on his way to "the field"...praise God!

Bob Cleveland said...

Tom, I really have but two questions:

1: Did you go by "Tommy" before GBC called you, and,

2: Will we have to stop referring to him as "Timmy" now?

S.J. Walker said...

Fantastic. That is god news.

May God bless His handiwork there.
A Lion Has Roared!

Micah said...

Talk about the rich getting richer :-) Tom Ascol and Timmy Brister serving together sounds like a dynamite combination.

Blessings to both of you as well as to Grace Baptist Church!

Stephen Newell said...

I never thought it would happen, but I am actually choked up with joy and tears at this announcement!

You are getting one of the godliest men I have had the privilege to know, willing to learn and to serve. My life has been bettered by knowing him, and I pray that your church will be as well!

David B. Hewitt said...

Dr. Tom:

Glad to see that you and your church have found an associate pastor. I thank God with and for you. :D

Congrats, brother Tim(my) as well!


Strong Tower said...

Boy, are you getting a deal!

I with gunny, who are those people standing behind him?

If you've checked out Tim's blog lately you see that Calvinist's are missional and do reach out to the frozen chosen.

Jason Vaughn said...

The real question is what happens to the kingdom when 2 great bloggers join together in one local body?

Pastor Jim said...

Knowing Timmy from Southern days....and a little missions excursion to Ecuador....I can say that Grace Baptist will be blessed by one of the sharpest minds, sweetest spirits, and determined wills that I've known in the ministry. May the Lord richly bless you and your family, Timmy, and multiply those blessings within the Grace Body of Christ.

Jim Langston

Strong Tower said...

uh- they take over northern Florida wall it off and rename Cape Coral Little Geneva?

Douglas K. Adu-Boahen said...

Timmy Brister is a great blogger and I'm sure that he will make an even better minister of the Gospel!

Ivan said...

Wonderful news!

Bill Formella said...

So I guess you're just going to let those guys at UPS stay lost, huh Timmy! You know the Lord can't do it without you! :-)

Marty Duren said...

Congrats to all involved!

I'm glad to see at least one Brister (maybe two) with jeans...

Tom said...

Thanks for all of the encouraging remarks. The Lord is very good in all His ways.

You might want to know more about your sources next time before quoting them. It may help you understand their meaning more accurately. :-)

I am not sure what we will call Tim(my). I lost my my shortly after college. I came to prefer the brevity of "Tom." Now I humbly ask my people to address me as "the right reverend beloved bishop Dr. Ascol." That seems to work well. ;-)

Bob Cleveland said...


Yes Sir.

GeneMBridges said...

You know, every so often I go to a meeting in which I see people from all over and I get a glimpse of the way God has constructed our great family. When I look upon a sea of faces, I see folks I've known for many years and I see the connections between them.

In this case, I see Timmy, with whom I have co-labored in Writing Ministry for a number of years now. I see you, Tom and the good folks @ Grace, whom I don't know. I see Robert Scott up here in NC, laboring a half hour from my home. I see Dustin and Sterling at Shepherd's Fellowship, and I see how we have all been brought together by God's grace as we labor together. Then I look back at some of the influences in our respective live. Let's take Charles Rosson. Add to that the work of Tom Nettles, and James Boyce. Boyce was instructed by Charles Hodge. Hodge's son Archibald wrote a text of Scripture used by Spurgeon at his school for ministers. Both Hodges taught @ Princeton. Princeton's seminary can be traced back to Jonathan Edwards, who in turn stands in a line going all the way to the Reformation, which in turn we trace to back to Augustine and then to Paul and Christ Himself. Think on that and what it meant, therefore, for Paul to teach us to appoint "faithful men." That's the true "apostolic succession" in the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ, and it will go from us to our descendants in the faith, for that is His promise to us and our children. I,for one, will be interested in heaven to see exactly how our family tree looks, as all I get right now are these brief glimpses, and that is enough to move me to worship.

GeneMBridges said...

Ok, now that I've waxed profound, let it be known I'm protective of the Little Brister. Y'all be good to him or I'll 'har up some Carolina Wranglers to come to down thar and knock some heads t'gether... I mean that in the greatest Christian love of course. :D

Timmy Brister said...

Gene Bridges is my homeboy.