Friday, March 07, 2008

The Audacity of Hope: An Open Letter to Barack Obama

I received the following from Kairos Journal today:
Dr. Robert P. George, McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence at Princeton University, has been one of the great defenders of the sanctity of life and traditional marriage in our time. One of his students, Sherif Gergis, a 2008 Princeton Graduate and Rhodes Scholar, has written a powerful letter to U.S. Senator Barack Obama on the subject of the protection of unborn human life. Professor George has asked that the following letter be read carefully and distributed widely.
Sherif's letter is brilliant in its simplicity. Here is the final paragraph:
Can we provide every member of the human family equal protection under the law? Your record as a legislator gives a resounding answer: No, we can't. That is the answer the Confederacy gave the Union, the answer segregationists gave young children, the answer a complacent bus driver once gave a defiant Rosa Parks. But a different answer brought your father from Kenya so many years ago; a different answer brought my family from Egypt some years later. Now is your chance, Senator Obama, to make good on the spontaneous slogan of your campaign, to adopt the more American and more humane answer to the question of whether we can secure liberty and justice for all: Yes, we can.
Read the whole letter here.


J.D. Rector said...

What a masterful composition of intelligent facts and questions concerning the regard for unborn human life!

Years ago our fellowship was accused by a notable faculty member of Auburn University, and I might add, of the liberal persuasion, of having a "love affair with the fetus".

A couple of our trustees gave an excellent rebuttal to his comments that was published in the editorial page of the local newspaper. Since we believe in the trustworthiness of God's Word, all of it, it is sufficient in all matters of faith. Therefore, we care about the worth and dignity of all human beings. It is evident in our church's benevolence ministry to the indigent in the community where we are located.

I wonder if Mr. Obama would be bold enough to respond to this young lady's questions?

There is coming a judgement day in which we all will definitely give answers to questions from God.

Sincerely standing for all the unborn...
J.D. Rector

S.J. Walker said...

Well written. I give hearty amen with hat in hand.

And to the issue of having a "love affair with the fetus"; I only would say in response:

"Yes, So?"

Thanks for sharing this.

A Lion Has Roared!

Caddiechaplain said...

I read this today from Kairos and prayed that it would not fall on deaf ears or hard hearts.

John O said...

What has surprised me is the number of conservatives and even Evangelicals who say that they are going to vote for Obama. I recently wrote something on that here, highligting the abortion issue as well as other issues:

shadrach said...