Saturday, March 29, 2008

Attorney General Mukasey exonerates Calvinists

Tim Ellsworth calls attention to an important statement by Attorney General Michael Mukasey. When asked about profiling Muslims, Mukasey said,
"So far as focusing investigations, we investigate where the threat is coming from. The threat is coming from Islamist extremism. It's not coming from Calvinism." (emphasis added)
It is obvious from this statement that Mukasey has no aspirations to serve in the Southern Baptist Convention (or in a certain Fundamentalist Seminary) after his retirement from government service. Founders Ministries might, however, be interested in talking to him about becoming legal counsel for the ministry.
HT: Tim


YnottonY said...
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J.D. Rector said...

Hallelujah! Someone FINALLY got it right!! lol

Thankful for God's grace in choosing me,

Tim Rogers said...

Brother Tom,

I know that this is humor. But, I wonder if you have actually looked at all sides of this statement? Doesn't the Attorney General's statement actually get it wrong? It seems that the statement basis his assumption more closely on the theological similarities, then on their differences. I do not mean by "theological similarities" as saying that Islamist extremism has the same theological similarities as Calvinism. But, you must admit what some Calvinist call God's Sovereignty, Extreme Islamist call "the will of Allah".

Personally, though it is humor, I believe I would re-think this direction. :>)


Tom said...

Thanks, Tony. How much do I owe you?


I have tried to see your point on this and don't get it. I doubt Mukasey understands what Calvinism really is (although that may simply be my jadedness coming out due to living nearly 30 years among Southern Baptists as a convinced Calvinist. ;-) ). I don't think he was trying to make any kind of theological identification between Islam and Calvinism. Furthermore, Islam has as much about as much in common with Calvinism as Deism does with Theism.


Tom Bryant said...

whew... I am relieved... Now I can hang out with you guys without worrying about appearing on a watch list! :)

Rev. said...

Since this is coming from the Bush Administration, shouldn't the SBC leaders follow it completely?

John said...

In my area it seems that the name "Calvinist" is almost as dirty as "Muslim." New Christian friends seem to disappear after that first discussion of theology takes place.

Not a complaint, just an observation.

GUNNY said...

John, to some professing Christians, Calvinists are actually worse than Muslims!

Rev. said...

C'mon, Gunny, there's no way in the world one Christian would *ever* say that about a fellow believer!

Bill Formella said...

That would be an interesting theme for a conspiracy novel. We could call it "On Liberty Mountain".