Monday, March 24, 2008

8 year old interview with Timothy George

Wyman Richardson recently posted an interview he conducted with Timothy George back in 2000. It is very good both for its content and perspective. They talk about Reformed Theology and there is hardly anyone better to discuss that topic than Timothy. Wyman asks good questions and appropriate followups so that this interview affords us to gain helpful insights from a theologian who has spent much of his life examining the history and theology of Reformed thought. Also, since the interview took place in 2000, it is interesting to read Timothy's views on a "Reformed resurgence" from the perpective of 8 years later.

You can read the whole interview here.


GUNNY said...

"How would you define the term "reformed theology" to someone who attends church, but maybe does not possess a great deal of knowledge concerning church history or the nuances of Christian theology?"

That first question is a great one and, of course, answers are as varied as you can imagine.

I also appreciate the notion of explaining to the common man in off the street what we mean when we have a "Reformed & Southern Baptist" church.

They tend to think we're in 2 different denominations or something.

If we can't explain it to a regular Joe or a kid, then we may not have a good grasp ourselves.

Great interview. Thanks!

Rich said...

That's funny, your title made me think that an 8 year old child was conducting an interview with Timothy. Ha!

Wyman Richardson said...


My friends occasionally suggest that I act like I'm 8-years-old, but I was actually 26 when I conducted that interview. :-) It's funny, though. You're the second person to initially read the title that way.

I lost that interview not too long after doing it and a friend just found it again.


I appreciate the link to the interview. Like you, I'm very impressed with Timothy George. Great guy.

I don't know if it's been announced here or not, but InterVarsity Press has contracted with Dr. George to be General Editor of "The Reformation Commentary on the Scripture" which will be kind of like companion volumes to the Tom Oden ed. series, "Ancient Christian Commentary on the Scriptures." I think this is going to be a tremendous contribution. Here's the link:

The volumes start coming out next year, I think.