Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Radio Interview on the resurgence of Calvinism

Bill Feltner of Pilgrim Radio interviewed me for 30 minutes recently about the resurgence of Calvinism in Baptist life. The station is non-commercial and is based in Nevada. I love their mission statement:
Our mission is to establish and operate radio stations and related media facilities for the purpose of advancing a program of Christian education using an artful blend of music and Scripture, stimulating instruction, interesting guests, and great books, all done in the public interest.
The interview is scheduled to be broadcast over the airwaves and with internet streaming 3 times today: 5:04am; 3:04pm and 12:04am (on the 20th). All times are Pacific.


pastorleap said...

Tom, since I read this post earlier this morning, I have been listening to pilgrim radio. I never knew it existed, but I am seriously impressed with their music and programming, and their streaming is great so far! I think I have just found a new radio home on the internet!

Thanks for "tuning" us in to this fine ministry.

pastorleap said...

Tom, it is 3:15 eastern and I am listening to the interview on Pilgrim Radio right now. Wow... thanks for having the boldness to state so many obvious areas that need reform. I imagine that your assertion that "we are a convention in grave trouble with many unhealthy churches" (paraphrase) will raise the eyebrows of many hearers. You also contend that much of our SBC evangelism is manipulative resulting in false professions. Thank you for the boldness to say these things and stand behind them publicly.

pastorleap said...

What an excellent interview. Not only did you respond well, but the interviewer was excellent and gracious with seemingly no agenda.

This interview was followed by a reading of Spurgeon's sermons on the Return of Jesus. What a blessing to hear while at work in my office!

Tom said...


I am glad you like Pilgrim Radio. I really appreciate Bill Feltner and the work they are doing. Thanks for your encouraging words. May the Lord help us all to be diligent in making His great Gospel known.


Benny Mac said...


Your interview on Pilgrim Radio today was excellent. I became convinced that the Doctrines of Grace, more commonly called the Five Points of Calvinism, are the most accurate expression of the Gospel both biblically and historically after viewing the DVD "Amazing Grace, the History & Theology of Calvinism" produced by the Aplogetics Group. You and many others were in that and man does that DVD have a dramatic effect!
I am now the Discipleship Ministries Leader of a First Baptist Church that voted to come under the SBC as opposed to the ABC a few years ago and am so very excited at the opportunity to be a part of the modern day reformation that you speak of.
Thank you for your steadfast commitment to the Lord through the last 20 some odd years in founding the Founders Ministries and keeping it alive. I am fruit of your faithfulness in Christ.

May God Richly Bless You, Ben

Tom said...


Thanks for the encouragement.
Press on.

kevin said...

Brother Ascol, since I missed the interview, do you know if a manuscript is available?


Strong Tower said...

I have listened to PR for years. It was a great help in leading me to the DoG.

They do not have an archive for past programs as far as I can find. Do you have a link that we might use to listen to the interview?


Tom said...

Bill Feltner said that he will send me a file of the interview with permission to make it available. When that happens, I will put a notice up.