Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Hot links

SBC Today has interviews with Al Mohler and Danny Akin available. Dr. Akin speaks about the upcoming Building Bridges conference November 26-28, as well as gives some thoughts on Mark Driscoll.

Doug Baker of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina has made available some interesting interviews, as well, including one with JD Greear, who will be speaking at the Building Bridges conference.


GUNNY said...

You know, Tom, in Texas "hot links" are something you get at the BBQ joint. Yum.

That being said, I sure wish I could be at the conference. Regardless of what transpires I have a feeling this is going to be a monumental and defining event in the SBC with regard to these issues.

Tom said...


How well I remember!

I wish you could be at the conference, too. And I share your perspective on it.

P. Moratto said...

Gunny: "Texas hot links are something you get at the BBQ joint. Yum."

I wish. Well, at least you didn't say "sausage" and "hot links" in the same sentence. They are not the same thing at all, of course. Texas or Louisiana hot links are those smoked "fat weenie" things like Blue Ribbon, Johnsonville and others package for sale in stores. Which is about the only way you're going to get them around here too.
Hot links may be beef or pork, or both, but I avoid like the plague any that contain mechanically dismembered chicken parts or anything resembling same. I see some brand names being bandied about here, and some of the really famous ones are also the ones that contain... don't make me say it twice. The ones you have to really watch out for are those big boxes of very red colored ones.
You can get hot links at most all barbecue restaurants and a lot of soul food places in SoCal. But here in Texas, forget it. If anybody serves them ready to eat around Houston, I'd sure like to know. It's a nuisance thawing out one or two links and firing up the King Kooker on the porch just for myself.