Thursday, November 29, 2007

Building Bridges Radio Interview today at 1PM (Eastern time)

Kevin Boling and Paul Dean of the Calling for Truth radio talk show will interview me today at 1PM (Eastern time) about the recently concluded Building Bridges conference. The program airs live on the airwaves in SC (and parts of NC, TN and GA) on Christian Talk 660am. A live audio stream is also available via the web at the link above (select the Listen Online button in the top right-hand corner of the homepage) and at Sermon Audio.

Listeners may call 1.888.660.9535 during the program with comments and questions.


Tim Rogers said...

Brother Tom,

Great content. Thanks for taking my call and openly answering my questions.


Tom said...


It is always a joy to talk to you! Thanks.


Matt said...


I was happy to finally meet you, and encouraged by the conference. This may have well been a historical event.

wilson said...
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5tulipG said...


I very much appreciate being able to attend the conference, not being a SB. May God richly bless the substantial discussion of truth! Personally, I was edified and challenged by the repeated calls to be more Gospel centered.

In the Cause of Christ,