Thursday, November 29, 2007

Building Bridges Conference--Hot Links

Here are some sources of information and opinions about the Building Bridges conference.

Audio files of the talks

Baptist Press Reports
Calvinism examined in its Baptist context.
For whom did Christ die?
Does God choose who will believe?
Stereotypes hinder SBC's Calvinism dialogue.
Akin envisions 'Great Commission Resurgence.
Selected Blog Comments
Timmy Brister, one and two
Tim Rogers interviews participants, one and two
Sam Waldron, one and two
Les Puryear
John Pipes
Mark Kelly
James Galyon
Scott Brown
Taylor Tsantles, one, two, three
(Taylor has some great pics to go with his comments)
I may have missed some. If so, feel free to add a link in the comment section.


Will said...

Couldn't sleep this morning, got up and listed to Jeff Noblit's message. Wow! What a message! Must have been an incredible event.

johnMark said...


Thanks for the consolidation of links. Here is a summary of my time at the Conference.

Greg Welty even found me. :)


wayner said...

FYI...The panel discussions are up on Lifeway's site.


Todd Pruitt said...

I have five postings from the Building Bridges Conference at 1517. I am planning to post one more in an attempt to sum up.

johnMark said...
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johnMark said...


Do you have a copy of your paper or can I find it online anywhere? We are going through some things as a church right now. I'd like to share in SS tomorrow morning your five points. I'm also looking for Danny Akin's seven points in text form.

Any ideas on either of these? If I have to I will listen to the audio again and sharpen my notes.


Tom said...


Check the Lifeway website; pdfs are posted with the audios, I think. If not, let me know and I will send them both to you. They are going into a book, so remember that as you use them.


johnMark said...


I did find Dr. Akin's full paper at I can't seem to find the text of your presentation though.

I will certainly remember they are going into a book. I only want to be able to grab the main points and some of the supporting arguments accurately. I don't plan on distributing the material.

Thanks again,


Tom Hicks said...


Thank you so much for "preaching" your paper "Working Together to Make Christ Known." I was greatly encouraged by the reminder that preaching Christ alone is not reductionisic but that it is expansive! Your comments on expository preaching and systematic theology were right on the mark.

May the Lord give us grace and wisdom to stay in Christ.

Because of the Savior,
Tom Hicks

Tim Rogers said...

Brother Tom,

Thanks for the link.


Brian Hamrick said...

Is there any audio from James Merritt's message? I don't see a link on Lifeway....

johnMark said...


I emailed the Lifeway guys the other day and neither James Merritt's nor Al Mohler's sermons were recorded.

Check this link at the bottom.

It says, "*The worship services were not originally planned as part of the recorded material to be made available, therefore the worship services from Nov. 26 were not captured. Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary has versions of those sermons, which are available here: Dr. James Merritt (37:55); Dr. R. Albert Mohler (43:55)"


Brian Hamrick said...


Your link cut off, and didn't work. I'm going over to to search. Thanks for the info!

johnMark said...


Merritt's sermon wasn't recorded. Check the Lifeway site here.

See if the embedded link works.


J. Brian McKillop said...

The links work to play the podcasts, but do not work to download the MP3 file. When I right click and save link, I get an HTML file, not an MP3 file.

Is there another place that the podcasts can be downloaded from?

J. Brian McKillop said...

Here is what I did to download the MP3's in case anyone else is having the same problem:

I right-clicked on the link and chose copy link location (Firefox), or copy shortcut (Internet Explorer).

I then pasted the above into an email which I sent to myself.

I then right-clicked on the link in the email and downloaded the mp3.

J. Brian McKillop said...

I created a post on my blog with direct links to the session downloads.