Monday, November 26, 2007

Building Bridges Conference audio files

The Building Bridges Confernce: Southern Baptists and Calvinism conference is scheduled to begin in a few hours. There will be no live webcast of the sessions but it is anticipated that some will be live-blogging the meeting. If this indeed does happen, and I discover who is doing it, I will post a link to their site(s). Bloggers that I know are here include Tim Rogers and Ed Stetzer (who, by the way, will make a brief presentation in the opening session this afternoon that should be of great interest to all Southern Baptists, regardless of your views on the doctrines of grace). Though my schedule is packed the next 3 days, I will try to offer some perspectives during the conference, if at all possible.

The audio files of each session will be made available as soon as possible after each session. Look for this afternoon's and tonight's recordings to appear at tomorrow morning.

Pray for the conference as the Lord brings it to mind. The team at LifeWay have done an outstanding job of making preparations. Ridgecrest is a tremendous venue and everything seems to be in place for the week. Those who have been asked to speak bring a wealth of experience, biblical understanding and passion to their assignments. The topics are relevant. The participants have gone to great expense and trouble to be here. But none of that will finally matter if God's Spirit does not come and own the conference. The most important work that must be done cannot be done by mere mortals. Only the Holy Spirit can help. So, brethren, pray!


Fred said...

My prayers are with you. My heart is anxious. My hopes are high. My eyes are misting. My soul is burdened. My mind is hopeful. My dream is for the SBC to return to those doctrines that humble the pride of man and exalt the glory of God.

Ivan said...

Praying and will continue to do so.

To God be the glory!

wayner said...

The Lifeway site says the audio should be available about mid-day today. It should be available here

wayner said...

Also the audio is available through SEBTS podcast and iTunes.

wayner said...

I just received 2 podcasts from SEBTS through iTunes of Drs. Mohler and Merrit. However it sounded like they were recorded with handheld MP3/cassette recorders in the crowd. Neither of these appear on Lifeway's site. Was there a technical problem with their recordings?


Tom said...


A student made a recording of the conference in the manner that you suspected. LifeWay did not get Mohler or Merritt recorded, so that is likely the only recording of their messages that exists.