Monday, October 01, 2007

Don Whitney Conference on Spiritual Disciplines

Don Whitney's insights into the spiritual disciplines of the Christian life have helped countless numbers of believers over the last few decades. Through his books, other writings, teaching and preaching, he has been a consistent advocate for biblical Christianity and healthy spiritual growth. His friendship has been a wonderful encouragement to me through the years and the church I serve has been blessed by his ministry numerous times.

October 26-27, 2007, the Center for Biblical Spirituality will host its first national conference on the campus of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. Don will be teaching on the spiritual disciplines for these two days. The cost is incredibly reasonable and the venue is the beautiful Legacy Center on Southern's campus.

This is a great opportunity to sit under Don's teaching and be challenged and encouraged to go hard after Christ in the ways that God has prescribed in His Word.

For more information about the conference, check out Don's website.


GUNNY said...


I've already been to 2 conferences this year and have 1 in November and I'd like to hit the 1 in NC in November as well. There's just NO WAY I could go to this, but it looks awesome.

However, with this being the "first national conference" I hope there will be a 2nd.

P.S. Big XII South
1-0 Texas A&M
0-1 OU
0-1 t.u.

AND after this week, one of those will be 0-2.

Tom said...


I hear you! The proliferation of good conferences is both encouraging and frustrating.


Do you think we can get Baylor to play us every week for the rest of this season? ;-)

Ivan said...

I was getting ready to sign up for this conference when I found out that I had been promoted at work. My training will be at the same time as the conference. Maybe next year.

Tom, I find this blog to be one of the most encouraging of the many available. Thank you for your ministry.

Ivan said...

BTW, Gunny, I wanted to come to that November conference at SWBTS too. Of course, I'll miss that one too. I won't be done with my training at work until December. God bless you for bringing to the fore the Doctrines of Grace at the seminary from which I graduated.

I'm hoping to go to the Together for the Gospel conference in Louisville next year. Are you guys going? Or the SBC Annual Meeting in Indy? I'd sure like to meet you all.

Tom, who is going to speak at the Founders Meeting at the SBC next year? Do you know yet? My good friend, Roger Ellsworth, spoke one year, I think in KC. He was my college pastor and introduced me to the Doctrines of Grace in 1975.

GUNNY said...

Well, Tom, Baylor's proximity to Aggieland is helpful, but we might have to play them in Waco next time, which could be problematic.


Ivan, there's some encouraging things going on in the SBC and at Southwestern.

I hope to make Together for the Gospel next year. Last year was OUTSTANDING, so I'd hate to miss it.

However, SBC in Indy is quite doubtful.

I'll tell you another great one that I've REALLY enjoyed the past few years has been the pastors conference put on my Bethlehem Baptist (Piper is pastor) in Minneapolis.

You can check out the audio (of all Desiring God conferences)... for FREE here.

Tom said...


Congratulations on your promotion. Bummer about not being able to go hear Don teach. I hope that he is able to do more of these conferences in the future.

We are trying to finalize the speaker for the Founders Breakfast, but nothing has been confirmed, yet. Hopefully, we will have an announcement, soon.

Roger is a gem! He has been a faithful pastor for a long time and is a great example to me and many others.


Glorygazer said...

Dr. Ascol,

Thanks for your ministry. I also just came across an announcement about Whitney doing a conference in Vermont this month as well. I profited much from his Biblical Spirituality class that I got to take through Midwest Center for Theological Studies. Hope I can take one of your courses sometime as well.