Monday, October 29, 2007

9 Marks at Missouri Pastors' Conference

Scott Lamb is liveblogging the Missouri Baptist Convention's Pastors' Conference today. All of the sessions are being led by staff from 9 Marks Ministries. Pastor Joe Braden, the President of the Pastors' Conference, is also one of the coordinators of the Midwest Regional Founders Conference and has done Missouri Baptist pastors a wonderful service bringing this line up of speakers together.


GeneMBridges said...

Is this where I leave the obligatory complaint about Calvinists taking over the Missouri Convention and asking why they just don't turn Presyterian?

I see our nefarious plan is verking. Today MO, tomorrow zee SBC!

josiah4467 said...

I am not a 5 point Calvinist. However, I do see many good qualities in the founders doctrine and ministry. I believe that both Calvinists and non-Calvinists can work together for the good of the gospel if we will stick to the good ole fashioned gospel. Preach the law to bring conviction of sin and establish God's justness in judging man. Then magnify Jesus Christ through His death, burial, and resurrection. Aim for repentance rather than decision and let the Holy Spirit do His work. Wouldn't you agree to that? It's not about who can take of whom. Rather it is about being true to Scripture and being united in truth. That's just my opinion.

Todd Pruitt said...

This is encouraging news. Of course just two years ago the speaker for the MO Pastor's Conference was Steve Lawson.

Our entire pastoral staff is in Washington D.C. for the Gospel Growth Conference at Capitol Hill Baptist that begins tomorrow evening.

With all of the upheaval among MO Baptists it is good to hear that some of their leadership cares deeply about doctrine and faithfulness to the Gospel.

GeneMBridges said...

It's not about who can take of whom.

Josiah, I never said otherwise. I'm not of the opinion that every SBC church, pastor, or member should be a Calvinist and have stated this many times. Rather, I'm simply having a little jab at Tom. He gets complaints like that here with a fair amount of frequency.

Also, not to be pedantic, but, really there is no other sort of "Calvinist" except a Five Point Calvinist. "Four Point" Calvinists of all stripes these days are called Amyraldians. Those who hold to less than 4 need to stop coopting historical language like the good little post-modernists that they don't realize they are and coin another term, particularly if Libertarian freedom is part of their theology/soteriology/doctrine of divine providence. This isn't a problem in the Reformed and Presbyterian churches. It's only Baptists that seem to persist in that nasty habit.

josiah4467 said...

I did not know you were making a little "jab". I do not come to this site a lot, but I do like to read the posts from time to time. Please accept my apology.

I mistakenly thought you were making a "pot-shot" and have grown tired of those who do not hold to Calvinism that do. I know this may sound strange from someone who is not a professed Calvinist. I see a lot good teachings by those who are. I do not see Calvinists as unbiblical (except for hyper-Calvinists). I personally can't agree to all five points at this time. Again, I am not saying those who do are unbiblical.

I would like to see the SBC focus on the purity of the gospel and Scripture. Non-Calvinists who scream about the dangers of it usually focus on the lack of evangelism. At the same time, I often see these very individuals usually minimizing the gospel.

I think it is "high time" we got back to teaching Scripture, scripturally. Not how it makes me feel. Rather, what does God's Word say?

Enough of my rant. I just want to see unity and effective dialogue holding godly standards. Thanks

Tripp said...

It was a great Pastor's Conference!! My only question is, when will we see this at the SBC's Pastor's Conference?? Hopefully, as soon as possible!