Sunday, September 09, 2007

John Broadus' advice on reading

John Broadus offers this excellent advice on the reading habits of ministers (from his Lectures on the History of Preaching, 230-31).
I think that young men should be specially exhorted to read old books. If you have a friend in the ministry who is growing old, urge him to read mainly new books, that he may freshen his mind and keep in sympathy with his surroundings. "But must not young men keep abreast of the age?" Certainly, only the first thing is to get abreast of the age, and in order to this, they must go back to where the age came from, and join there the great procession of its moving thought.


David said...

I have been given this advice myself and find that the hardest part of actually doing it is getting a sound, suggestive reading list. What works would you suggest to the young pastor as being indispensible for a starting place?

S. Todd Young said...


I am a seminary student at SBTS, and I recently asked some of my professors for a list of influential books. There is definitely a mix of old and new here, but it is a considerable list.

Hope this helps,


David said...

Thanks Todd! I'll give it a look!

S. Todd Young said...

By the way, has a recommended books list as well, link posted here:

Book Recommendations from


-M said...

And yet another good reading list...two at the link, one for pastors and one for laymen,,PTID314526%7CCHID598032%7CCIID,00.html

Biblically Reforming said...

Too bad it always seems to be the opposite!

Jacob Douvier said... has a great reading list. It's designed to be a high school great books curriculum, but it covers, as the name suggests, the great books of the Western tradition.

As a shameless plug, I know the two men who started this site. They are also faculty members for Worldview Academy leadership camps in the summer, an excellent place to send your teen age Christian students for a week.