Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Founders Study Center Fall Schedule

The Founders Online Study Center continues to have a growing ministry of providing outstanding teaching to pastors and church leaders around the world. Using the internet, textbooks, study guides and mentors, the Study Center offers another stellar lineup of classes for the Fall semester. Dr. Ken Puls, who directs the center, has provided a wonderful service to churches of our day.

Baptist Identity
Taught by one of the foremost Baptist historians of our day, Tom Nettles. Dr. Nettles has written more extensively on Baptist identity than any other scholar of our day. His lectures on this subject are outstanding.
Introduction to the Puritans
J.I. Packer and Mark Dever represent two generations of Gospel ministers who have studied, benefited from and taught the biblical insights of the Puritans. Both men are experts in this field.
Bruce Leafblad is a former professor at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. His insights on God-centered worship are greatly needed in our day. Balanced, theological and practical, these lectures address one of the most contentious issues facing churches today.
Systematic Theology I
Roger Nicole is a founding member of the Evangelical Theological Society. Among evangelical theologians he has long been esteemed as a great systematic theologian. His lectures are profound, comprehensive and imminently biblical.
Registration is now open. Check out the Study Center and if you like what you see, help us recommend it pastors, church leaders and those aspiring to pastoral ministry.

One of the most beneficial dimensions of this ministry is the mentor relationships that it facilitates. No student is left on his own to pursue the course work. Countless testimonies have come to us about the ways God has used the mentoring relationships to strengthen both the one who mentored and the one who was mentored. If you are a pastor with at least 10 years of pastoral experience, consider becoming a mentor for students in the study center. More information is available via the link.

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Carl said...

I have recently discovered your blog and added it to my blog's blogroll.

I would like your opinion on something:

I am unable to engage into studies such as the one mentioned in this post and am only a Christian layman. However I do try to study the Word of God and read some good study Bibles and have some assorted volumes of Biblical commentary by J. Vernon McGee and John MacArthur.

I have a couple of questions. First, I have been considering purchasing Norm Geisler's Systematic Theology (Volumes 1-4) and was wondering if you thought it would be appropriate for a simple layman like myself. And secondly, what sort of study aids would you recommend (specific titles welcomed) for someone like me who wishes to study in his spare time at home?

I've read several posts of your blog and you seem to be a very knowledgable and informed individual on such matters and would like your input if you would not mind.

Thank you. And in case I don't get back to your blog to read any replies, would you mind emailing me ( at your convenience?