Monday, July 02, 2007

Florida Baptist Truth Project Update

Our effort to send the Amazing Grace DVD to Southern Baptist pastors in Florida is moving forward very rapidly. Read the latest, including another opportunity to participate in a matching gift at the Amazing Grace DVD Project blog.


Fred said...

Hello Tom. I didn't know quite where to post this so I hope you don't mind me commenting here.

I opened up the Christian Index today and in the section Resolutions wrap-up was the heading: "Church membership resolution rejected." In reference to your resolution it states: "Some messengers expressed concerns that the resolution would interfere with church autonomy..." My heart grieves over this. It's as though the convention has said, "We don't want a teaching of the Bible to interfere with the way we do things."

Tom, let me share with you something that happened to me.

I preached a sermon entitled: "The Church's Most Neglected Duty" I was preaching on I Cor 5 and I also fully explained the process of church discipline using Matt 18.

Now some in my congregation who were visibly upset got a copy of my sermon and took it to one of the deacons.

Think about it: these folks wanted me to be disciplined for teaching church discipline!! I don't see how we as a denomination can say the Bible is the only rule for faith and practice and yet we don't put into practice what the Bible says.

Tom, I won't rant further. I just wanted to say thank you for your stand. I am greatly blessed by the Founders Ministry. Know that your stand has encouraged me to keep on preaching the truth and to keep on seeking reformation in the church.

Tom said...


I am very sorry to hear about this. Sadly, your story is not unique. I have prayed for you. Please contact me and let me know how this works out. The Lord honors those who honor Him. Stand firm.

Fred said...

I should have indicated to you sir that it has been some time since I preached that sermon. No official action was taken against me although the scar is deep. You are right, Tom, the church is not a democracy. How wayward members can still come to vote on an important issue in the church is beyond my comprehension. Moreover, we have people on committees that maybe come to church 4 times a year and then are asked again to serve!

Sir, I would like to ask you if you know how we got to this point. I hope you can share with me something from Baptist History that documents this shift. Was it connected to liberalism? I ask this because Timothy George's words in Baptist Theologians is burned in my memory. He states, "We went from thus saith the Lord to it seems to me." Thanks again Tom for your ministry.

Tom said...


I have answered under the "Conversation continues" post.