Wednesday, June 13, 2007

SBC-SA #4-Radio interview with Calling for Truth

Yesterday I was interviewed by Kevin Boling and Paul Dean on their radio program, Calling for Truth. We discussed the SBC meeting, my resolution on integrity in church membership, and the announcement of the conference on Southern Baptists and Calvinism. You can listen to the broadcast here.


Worship Leader Ron said...

I am so disappointed in our Southern Baptist Convention. To hear people protest our convention commending "truth telling" in convention statistics and in our local churches as an intrusion on autonomy is absolutely disappointing. I am realizing that my rose-colored glasses (regarding the importance of integrity) simply have to go.

Thank you Tom for your resolution. I hope next year it will pass.

Brian Hamrick said...

I have commented/reported on the matter in the preceding post, fwiw.