Wednesday, June 13, 2007


The Founders Breakfast was wonderful this morning. Voddie Baucham did a great job preaching from Revelation 3 on "Southern Baptists at Sardis." EDIT: Andrew Lindsey (not Nathan White, as I originally and erroneously indicated) has written a good report on the message. We will the audio file available as soon as possible.

There were some interesting developments during the convention today. Tomorrow the Resolution Committee will bring its report to the convention. If my resolution does not make it out of committee, I will attempt to bring it up from the floor.

When I get an opportunity, I will give an update.


Brian Hamrick said...

For those who missed it, the committee did not bring Tom's resolution. He made a strong argument from the floor. The committee responded that it infringed upon local autonomy- a change of response from last year's "evangelism prospect" response. Bob Cleveland spoke in favor of bringing the resolution very strongly. Malcolm Yarnell spoke against bringing the resolution on the basis of the resolution being imbalanced in his view. Yarnell faulted it for not mentioning believer's baptism (not sure how he's trying to apply that). He did say he agreed with Tom's overall point, but was against the resolution. Another gentleman spoke very well for the resolution. Lots of applause when people spoke in favor of the resolution. Chris Connor speaks against resolution, though he says he practices church discipline- same reason of local autonomy, but then accuses that it says who is saved and who is lost. Bill Ascol tried to speak in favor of the resolution, but time expired. The convention decided not to bring it to the floor for a vote- a 2/3 was required. We'll have to wait for the messengers to tell us how close the show of hands was.

Brother Tom, do not be discouraged. Increase your resolve to bring it back next year. Contact Dr. Yarnell personally to discuss your resolution- I think you might be able to convince him to support it or make it better. Remember how long it took Judson to gain a convert in India. Patience, brothers and sisters. In the meantime, let's trust God to be moving throughout the year to renew the meaning of church discipline and church membership.

Brian Hamrick said...

It seems like we have completely forgotten what a resolution is. It is a non-binding statement of beliefs, nothing more, nothing less. It is an expression of OPINION. If a church wanted to ignore it, they are free to by their autonomy. It's not like we were amending the BF & M. We were simply trying to say together what Southern Baptists believe.

A dropped pass from the resolutions committee, for sure. Press on, brother Tom.

centuri0n said...

Tom --

I don;t know where you plan to host the audio, but a great FREE host is If you need help getting the file up, please e-mailme.

ajlin said...

Tom Ascol:

Generally, if someone mistakes something I've written as being written by my friend Nathan White, I'm honored, as he's a pretty sharp guy!

It was great meeting you again at the Founders Breakfast and after the SBTS luncheon.

Tom said...


Thanks for the tip. I am away from home for a while and would welcome any help you could give. The first order of business is getting the DAT recording of his message on a computer.


Thanks for overlooking my mistake! It was great to see you again, too.

centuri0n said...

I imagine you're going to be in Tulsa this coming week prior to the Founder's conference. I won't be able to come up early, but if there's some way to access the files I'd be glad to offer a hand.