Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Toledo, Memphis, Louisville, Owasso and San Antonio

The last week has afforded me little time even to check the comments on my blog, much less post a new article. The Toledo Conference on Reformed Theology was a real encouragement. All of the messages were helpful. I was privileged to join Don Kistler, Steve Camp, Phil De Coursy and Steve Lawson to address the theme, "Developing a Passion for Christ." CDs are available from the conference website.

Before that conference I was with my good friend and fellow Founders Ministries Board member, Phil Newton, for the 2oth anniversary of Southwoods Baptist Church in Memphis. Phil planted that church and has led it faithfully for 2 decades. Be sure to check out Phil's sermons that are available from their website. Currently he is preaching through Revelation.

On Monday, I met with some men in Louisville to discuss church planting. It was a very productive meeting and I am hopeful that some very positive initiatives will develop over the next year. For more information, check out Joe Thorn's comments.

I also sent in my resolution on integrity in church membership to the SBC Resolutions Committee this week. I will post the revised resolution in the near future.

I learned a few weeks ago that 3/4 of TeamPyro will be attending the National Founders Conference this summer in Owasso. That should make for a hot time in Oklahoma when David Wells addresses the theme, "God's Truth Abideth Still: Confronting Postmodernism."

If you have not secured your tickets for Founders Breakfast at the Southern Baptist Convention, now is the time to do so. Voddie Baucham will speak on "Southern Baptists at Sardis." That in itself will be worth a trip to the Lone Star State in June. While you are there, you might as well hang around and vote for my resolution...if it makes it out of committee.

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Arthur Sido said...


Your preaching was a great blessing to me in Toledo last weekend. Thanks to you and all the speakers for proclaiming God's truth without flinching. I hope you can make it back next year!