Thursday, May 24, 2007

State Senate Resolution to Pray for Florida

Florida Senate Resolution
On May 3, 2007 the Florida Senate passed a resolution calling on the residents of our state to pray "that God would have mercy on our state" as we approach another hurricane season. Not only Florida but nearly the whole Gulf Coast region and much of the Atlantic Coast has been chastened by hurricanes the last few years. Other parts of our nation have experienced natural disasters from tornadoes, fires and floods. All of these are reminders of our smallness and dependence on power far greater than ours for protection. We may be able to name the storms, but we cannot change their direction or impact.

This is an appropriate resolution for our state legislators to pass. The text is found below. May the Lord who commands winds and waves (Job 38:11) indeed show mercy to us in the months ahead. More importantly, may He turn many hearts to Himself and remind us of our need of the Savior, our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • WHEREAS, throughout our history, our Nation has turned to prayer for strength and guidance in times of challenge and uncertainty, and
  • WHEREAS, past presidents, including Presidents George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and others, have called for a day of prayer at times of crisis and disaster, and
  • WHEREAS, our first President wrote in 1790, "May the father of all mercies scatter light and not darkness in our paths..." as we face the challenges of our times, God's purpose continues to guide us, and we continue to trust in the goodness of His plans, and
  • WHEREAS, we have been warned by leading hurricane forecasters of the likelihood of a very active hurricane season, and
  • WHEREAS, our preparations can protect against hurricanes but cannot influence the strength or frequency with which they occur, and
  • WHEREAS, in addition to these preparations, the residents of this state are in need of protection,
  • NOW, THEREFORE, Be It Resolved by the Senate of the State of Florida: That in recognition of the first day of Hurricane Season, June 1, 2007, the Senate calls upon the residents of this state to pray that God would have mercy on our state and protect us from harm.


Cap Pooser said...

I came copied these comments from Matthew Henry, I think. At least they seem consistent with what he would say. 1. When we seek to God for national mercies, we ought to humble ourselves before him for national sins.2. Those that would find mercy must confess their sins. 3. If men will not execute justice, as terrors to evil doers, God must and will take the work into his own hands. 4. Afflictions are sent to turn men from their iniquities and to understand the truth. 5.. When we come to God for mercy, we must lay aside all conceit of and confidence in, our own righteousness. My comments: God's blessings seem to me to be conditioned on obedience to His Word. We may be in the condition of 2 Chron 36:16: But they mocked the messengers of God, and despised his words and misused his prophets until the wrath of the Lord arose against his people til there was no remedy. I hope not.

lordodamanor said...
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lordodamanor said...

I was wondering if you knew about this.

The question might be raised about why, if there are hurricanes, did the prayers not work?

My position is this, all prayers are answered. I base this on both Jesus's comments and Romans 8.26. From these and other passages as well, I conclude that true prayer issues from the throne of God. There are two that never cease interceding for us and through the Spirit, the prayers that we pray, that will be answered, are those that God initiates in heaven, "Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven."

And thankyou cap pooser for demonstrating why God will not answer national prayer, for what percentage of us does it take to move the hand of God? Remember it only takes one in the camp to bring the judgement of God. If afflictions are sent to turn men from their iniquities, and I agree they are, then calamities will always be a fact of history. We should consider as we are commanded, "The righteous man perishes and no one takes it to heart." Since our obedience is the key, then we are doomed to never having any prayer answered, unless....our obedience was the work of another. Then we can have boldness to enter into the throne room, in true humility, knowing that we bring nothing in our own hands. We must also know that the prayer of a rightous man avails much, that there is none who is righteous except God, and we have been made the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. This singular fixation on Christ is what James commends and we know we have whatsoever we ask for if we do not waiver from this faith.

So all prayer is answered. In Christ it is not no, or maybe, but yes and amen, always. Our problem usually comes from that second part of Romans 8.26, because we just do not know which are true prayers.