Monday, May 07, 2007

Frank Page on Evangelism with integrity

Amen. May this call be heard far and wide throughout the SBC.

Read Frank Page's "Evangelism with integrity."


Will said...

I welcome this with open arms. Yet I have difficulty resolving the discontinuity Tom. As you reported, this is the same man who said in 'The Trouble With TULIP',

"If one does follow the logic of Calvinism, then a missionary or evangelistic spirit is unnecessary. If irresistible grace is the truth, then there is no need to share Christ with anyone, since those persons whom God has elected are irristibly going to be drawn into his kingdom anyway. If one studies the pages of history, one will see that Calvinistic theology (Five Point) has encouraged a slackening of the aggressive evangelistic and missionary heartbeat of the church."

Only when we connect the dots of bad Soteriolgy with unintended results of unregenerated membership, will we obtain the desire result.

Cedar Hill Texas

David B. Hewitt said...

Dr. Tom,
Many thanks for linking the article. I had seen the title on BPNEWS and thought it looked good, but overlooked it. Since it comes with your recommendation, I'll be headed over now to read it. :)


ps -- I hope to get a chance to meet you next year when the Convention returns to Indy.

GUNNY said...

Very encouraging indeed.

I passed it along to our boys to spark our thinking as the topic of conversation for our Lone Star Founders Fraternal meeting this Saturday is Evangelism from a Reformed perspective.

It should be good, as always.

Keep the faith, brothers.


P.S. Welcome to the Lone Star State, those of you who will be making the jaunt next month.

Marc Backes said...

"No longer should we use manipulative methods that may bring about larger numbers when those persons' commitment to Christ is little or none. I cannot judge a person's heart. However, I do believe that the Scripture calls for a change when salvation occurs.

As we look at this passage, let us focus on that first phrase. Let us seek to win the lost to Christ, even if they are in our own churches. We cannot have revival among God's people if many of them do not even know the Lord"


I've posted over at The Jonah Syndrome on a couple of Dr. Page's latest articles. This one is definitely taking a "step" in the right direction but still mentions nothing about the cross as the cause of repentance and really "lifts" up man made attempts to be better and sin less.

I've been doing a series on John Owen and his "mortification of sin" treatise. And it's amazing to me how he sees so clearly how we will mortify sin.

I want so bad for one of these articles to say "without the shed blood of Jesus Christ and your focus daily upon it, we will see NOTHING happen of signficance in the convention except its further decline"...

That would be a paragraph to say Amen to!

Thank you for all yo do and for the blog. You guys do a great job...

scripturesearcher said...

Will, I appreciate your logic and wish others could understand what you have kindly stated. Persevere!

Let's not be fooled by the smooth language of those who openly (publicly) oppose
the great doctrines of our sovereign God.

To my knowledge the current president of the SBC has not repented (privately or publicly) of his published MISREPRESENTATIONS of the scriptural TRUTHS so many of us cherish and proclaim.

Yet he (and others in his theological group) plead with us to cooperate and do what we love to do (missions) with INTEGRITY.

Brian Hamrick said...

I love the article, and I am thankful for who it is coming from. However, I want to say in brotherly love, "Dr. Page, we need the super-size order of truth. I'm still hungry."

The way he left off, though, presumes this might be a series of articles on the topic.

Brian Hamrick said...

Great article today from BP on regenerate church membership spotlighting John Hammett at Southeastern Seminary.

Tom, sounds like you've got friends in high places who would like to see your resolution passed and then some. Sounds like God is at work among Southern Baptists!

Adam Winters said...

More and more, I am being persuaded that Frank Page's heart concerning Baptist cooperation with each other in the essentials of truth is what we need from our SBC leaders.

Yes, Page's article is tantalizingly brief, but it is spot-on right in all it asserts. His words provide a sobering complement to the obession with baptizing as many people as possible, regardless of their spiritual change.