Thursday, March 15, 2007

Two down, one to go

The Lady Ambassadors won their first two games and now are scheduled to play Trinity Christian Academy from Miami tomorrow afternoon at 4:30 PM. Our girls played great in both games, winning 49-17 and 45-17. It was one of those days when it seemed like the longer we played, the better we got. Everyone on the team scored and, as I indicated, played well.

Tonight we are celebrating (mildly) and making game plans for the championship tomorrow. I'll let you know how it goes.


Joshua Chavers said...


Glad to see your Lady Ambassadors have made it to the championship game.
But, I guess there is one issue where we must break fellowship . . .
Did you see the Louisville Cardinals play today??
46-20 at the half. You have to wonder what the Aggies were thinking as they watched from the bleachers. With play like that, I'm not so sure they'll follow the success of the Lady Ambassadors.
We shall see come Saturday ..


Tom said...


I did not get to see the Cards play but appreciate the scouting report! My Ags have been underdogs so long that I think they will relish the opportunity to play a hot team on their (almost) home court.

Thanks for your support...of my Lady A's!

Gig 'em!

Tom Bryant said...

49-17 and 45-17 - you must teach them some tenacious defense.

Joshua Chavers said...

Well, it's not the first or the last time I'll have to eat crow.
What a great game though huh?
If they beat Memphis, I'm pulling for them against Ohio St.
I like that Law guy ...
There's a picture of him on the Louisville newspaper site with his arm around Edgar Sosa (Louisville's freshman that outscored him and played against all day) at the end of the game.

Okay ... I guess I'll say it ... ....

Gi .. Gig... Gigi .. GIG 'EM!!

Brian Hamrick said...

And the final result was?

Methinks Coach Ascol went to DisneyWorld following the championship win...

Tom said...


No need to eat crow, just learn to say "gig 'em" for the rest of the tournament!


Well, read my next post and you may think twice about the effectiveness of our defense (though it is something that I stress)!


The next post explains what happened. Maybe next year I will go to Disney. :-)