Wednesday, March 07, 2007

John Piper's tribute to his dad

John Piper's father died yesterday morning. Here is a tribute that Pastor John wrote in his diary shortly after his death. Ecclesiastes 7:2 says,
Better to go to the house of mourning Than to go to the house of feasting, For that is the end of all men; And the living will take it to heart.
Death brings eternity close and focuses the mind on eternal realities. John Piper's words about his father and his resolve to serve his father's God is an encouragement to dads and moms everywhere so to live that we might influence our sons and daughters to love the Savior more than life and be willing to live and die to make Him known.


Seth McBee said...

Although John Piper mourns his dad is rejoicing with our Father face to face...

What a great promise to all of us who are God's children

willreformed said...

Brother Tom
The link doesn't work. Here is the correct one.

A blessed reading. What a tribute.
What a saviour!


scripturesearcher said...

To live and die for the glory, honor and praise of our triune God is the best testimony we can offer to our family and the world.

The Pipers have set the example for all of us!

I Thessalonians 4:13-18