Thursday, March 22, 2007

Interview with the Pathway

Scott Lamb recently interviewed me for The Pathway. The questions focused mostly on Founders Ministries and the Southern Baptist Convention. They have recently posted part of the interview on their website. Here is an excerpt with a link.

In what direction do you see Founders Ministries heading in the coming years?

Founders Ministries intends to continue encouraging Southern Baptists to be faithful to the Scriptures and working for the recovery of the biblical Gospel and the spiritual renewal of local churches. We also plan to become more involved in helping churches become actively involved in planting new churches. We will continue to expand our internet ministry, both in the materials that we make available through (which is receiving over 800,000 hits per month) and our online Founders Study Center.

Do you see any encouraging trends in the SBC?

I am greatly encouraged to see how the conversation in the SBC has turned toward issues that Founders has been talking about for the last 25 years. It is gratifying to hear denominational leadership admitting publicly that most of our churches are in real trouble when it comes to the issue of regenerate church membership and biblical church discipline. At some point, the dialogue must necessarily shift to an honest consideration of how we got into this mess. Then, many of the unbiblical and unhealthy approaches to evangelism that have crept into our denomination can be reassessed.

Do you plan on submitting a resolution at the SBC annual meeting in San Antonio?

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Houston said...

Thanx for the res! Nash. SBC seemed unable to sustain thought thru ALL your points. I watched others as you talked-they didn't want to put together ALL the points. Perhaps the felt overwhelmed. I think this partially why it died. Resubmit it, perhaps make it more pithy to get the ball rolling. Grace, HCK

GUNNY said...

Good pub and exciting to hear of more church planting.

Gig 'em and get your Ags on tonight!

Tom Bryant said...

Glad to hear of the future plans. I'll be in San Antonio to vote for the resolution.

scripturesearcher said...

Distinguished Doctor Thomas Ascol:

All this is very good news so what more needs to be said?


humbledbygrace said...

Hello everyone! I have been reading these blogs over the past 10 months or so. I have come to believe in the Truth of the Gospel. Reading these blogs has helped me to see the big picture. I have been a member of a church that does not (over the past 50 years) preach the Truth. I have been encouraged by this talk of Godly men standing up for the Truth and turning our churches back to the Lord. I pray that God will be glorified in and through his redemption of His people again.

jigawatt said...


That's great news that you've come to believe the gospel through the ministry of folks like Dr. Ascol.

Are you currently attending a church?

humbledbygrace said...

thanks for replying. I have been a member of FBC Morristown my whole life. I haven't been at the church since christmas because we have an interium pastor,Nelson Price, there now who is not preaching the truth. Sometimes I have to drive an hour to a church that is a sovereign grace church. I know that he has been spoken about on here. Our church is on the brink of splitting if nothing is done over the next few months. We need prayer for our church. (like I know many other churches do as well as the SBC) There is no church in our whole town ( and there are tons of churches on every corner) that preaches the gospel. There is a famine of the word of God here in our town. May God be glorified in what he is doing, as he is bringing people to his Truth even during this time of famine. May God be praised.