Friday, February 23, 2007

Southern Baptists at Sardis

I am delighted to announce the upcoming Founders Breakfast at the Southern Baptist Convention in San Antonio, June 12, 2007, in the Alamo Ballroom A/B/C/D on Level 2 in the Marriot Riverwalk. Dr. Voddie Baucham will be our speaker and will address the incredibly timely theme of

"Southern Baptists at Sardis."

Dr. Baucham is a Southern Baptist pastor, church planter, apologist and well-known conference speaker. More importantly, he is a husband and father who understands the importance of family life in God's kingdom purposes. He preached two outstanding messages at the Florida Baptist Convention last fall and also was used of God to challenge the church I serve to take our responsibilities before God more seriously when he preached to our people.

This theme, at this time, with this speaker promises to be a tremendous opportunity for many of us to come together to be instructed and exhorted from the words of our Lord through the ministry of His servant. Tickets are $15.00, which does not even cover the cost of the breakfast itself. Furthermore, Founders Ministries is so committed to making this ministry available to as many as possible that we are making tickets available for $10.00 if you register early.

The last two years this event has sold out and we have had to turn people away. Though we tried to get a larger venue this year, space is once again limited. For more information and to register online, go to our website and fill out the information requested.

Pray for Voddie as he prepares to minister to us at the breakfast. Pray that the Lord will meet with us by pouring His Spirit out on that gathering.

I hope to see you there!


justin said...

Glad you got Voddie to come. He is a great communicator!

martyduren said...

Is there a senior citizen discount?

Tom said...


There was up until an hour ago when we fixed the online registration process. :-)

We have never turned anyone away because they could not afford to attend. So, put away your AARP card plan to join us.


Mark said...

I am hoping to hear Voddie either this Monday or Tuesday in Birmingham at a pastors conference. I had the pleasure to hear him about 5 years ago.

I was not planning to go, until my DOM told me Voddie is suppose to speak.

Pastor Klay said...

I wish Dr. Sullivan had listened more closely. :) Great news, Tom. I'll look forward to the meeting.

Btw,just a little thought - if the dates of the national Founders Conference were scheduled closer to the SBC, it would help us South Florida boys since we would be in the general area. I do hope to make it to Tulsa -- very interested in this year's theme.

Stephen Newell said...

If that pic is of Baucham, I have just uttered a big, big "well duh." I didn't know he was black.

Isn't it great how the Gospel can really make color irrelevant?

Timmy said...


This should be really good. Right now my plans are "ify" with San Antonio, and this might just be the "x factor" for me to go.

BTW, it was great meeting you last week. It was long overdue. :)

Brian Hamrick said...

Ah, so that's why you encouraged me to attend the Founders Breakfast!

This was easily the highlight of the convention last year for me, even moreso than Patterson/Mohler. I sure hope to be there. Folks are in for a great blessing with Brother Voddie!

willreformed said...

Brother Tom
My wife and I are going to drive down from Dallas just for this.

Tom said...


I hope you can make it to San Antonio. Someone needs to live blog the meetings! I enjoyed getting to know you last week, as well. Thanks for the fellowship.


Yes, that is why I encouraged you to plan on the breakfast. The last few years we have run out of space and had to turn people away. The way that the convention center set up works, we don't have much choice on that.

Tom said...


Yeah, I wish Voddie's message at the FBSC had sunk in a little deeper with some who heard it. On moving the dates of the FC--we now do have some flexibility with that. The next couple of years will probably see the dates shifting a little.

chadwick said...

I had the wonderful opportunity to sit at Dr. Baucham's feet at a youth camp (along with my youth) in South Carolina a couple years ago. . . the Brother preaches the pure unadulterated Word of God . . .No altar calls, no pop psychology, no decision cards, no close your eyes and raise your hands, no repeat after me's, no "if you go up, I'll go up with ya" gimmicks . . . just expository preaching at its finest.

Dr. Baucham "tore into" Ephesians Five that week.

When we got back home, everyone of my youth said they "rededicated" their lives to the Lord (with tears) . . . with NO ALTAR CALLS or manipulative tactis. . . go figure? ;)

I look forward to the breakfast.


Sojourner said...

Well, I've bought two tickets: one for me and one for my wife. I just hope I can keep up with it until June 12th.

GUNNY said...

I'm in, especially since it's so close to College Station.

Hey, why not have the SBC annual meeting in Aggieland some year?

Instead of voting, we could give a "Whoop!" for what we like and the horse laugh for that which is unfavored.