Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Baptists Identified

Here are the identities of the Baptists whose images grace the top of this blog.

Click on the image for a larger picture.


Byroniac said...

Too cool!!!

I didn't know any of the other men, but I was pretty sure that was the picture of Spurgeon. And I was right. I really hope that Founders will educate people on great Baptists of the past (and you can start with me).


So Dr. Thomas Nettles ~

author of BY HIS GRACE AND FOR HIS GLORY ~ the 20th anniversasy edition only recently republished by Founders Ministries ~ and a book all Baptists should read and share, is not among these dignitaries.

Well, he will be included on future, updated lists of great Southern Baptists.


anniversary is the correct way to spell that word ....