Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Baptism Cannonball

Put a little pizzazz into your baptism service. From the reaction of the crowd, this was definitely a hit. It's hard to believe that some of our forbears were actually put to death for submitting to believers' baptism, given the widespread superficiality that swirls around current practices.

Assuming that this is an SBC church, I guess the little fellow would have no problems passing the new IMB policy on baptism. In fact, he could argue that he was immersed twice. :-)

HT: Barry Peterson


Timmy said...


Tom, maybe that approach could make baptism more appealing. I should have let Outreach mag know about that one. to see what I mean, go here.

Seth McBee said...

I first saw this on Fide-O's website...brutal...and there has been much discussion on what to do in that case...

Tom...would you then baptize that kid after this happened?

Tough decision

Tom said...


Truth is stranger than fiction!



scripturesearcher said...

Seeing is believing and if I had not seen this comedy act, I would not have believed.

Did the lad stumble and fall or is he training for the diving contest?

YnottonY said...
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YnottonY said...

I think the kid was influenced to do it by his family. It was planned. The camera even adjusts to frame the incident better before it happened. Not only do I think it was planned, but I suspect the idea to submit the video to that television show was also planned, which makes it even worse, on the part of his parents that is.

Even if the kid were denied baptism at that time and was baptised later after being admonished, his conscience would still recall the former incident. He will never be able to look back on the time of his baptism as a sacred moment to remember what it means to be united with Christ in his humiliation.

Shame on his parents. The very fact that they submitted the video to a national television show later on demonstrates that they gloried in their shame.

Samuel J Bell III said...

I was shocked and highly offended by the lack of reverance that this young child displayed. It makes you think about what we as a generation of Parents are teaching our children. Also may I say something that we as Baptist should be concerned about. That is we arre not explaining to the youth the importantce and true meaning of Baptism. What it represents and why we as believers submit to the ordinace. Mabye in our seperation from the use of the word "Sacrament". We have lost a tool to convey the message of importance and reverance in baptism and the Lords Supper. We need to show the world we are serious about what the Lord did.
On another note I have been baptized twice. Once in The Church of Christ Denomination and once in the Baptist Faith. The resons for this was due to the fact that I was not saved the first time. It took me a long time to understand that. But under good Preaching I came to understand my lack of a true biblical baptism. I think the importance should be based on the heart not on the specific doctrine the person was baptized under. correct me if Iam wrong.
In Him

Adam Winters said...

I also think the parents are to blame for making this video into a cash-cow. I know my dad would have tanned my hide black and blue for that.

That said, I think the pastor probably handled the situation about as well as he could. I like how he said it may have been a "first," but it was definitely "the last." I think we're all hoping he had a serious conversation with the boy and his parents after the service.

I can see two sides of the coin as to whether the baptism should proceed or not. Does the boy's(and parents') obvious irreverance speak to an unregenerate heart or simply gross immaturity? Or does his profession of faith become negated because of this act? I don't know if withholding baptism is necessary, but stern rebuke is certainly in order. I hope I don't come across as too wishy-washy.

P.S. Thanks for getting the Boyce Systematic reprint together, I really like the Scripture index!

YnottonY said...
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YnottonY said...

Hi Adam,

I don't think your comments were "wishy washy" at all. I wouldn't claim that the decision **on the spot** would be an enirely easy thing to figure out. I suspect that the Pastor was also serious when he said it would be the "last" time. However, one wonders if he ever seriously confronted the child and his parents since they went so far as to submit the shameful display to national viewers. Not only were the consciences of those involved damaged, but now the world sees Christians in an irreverent treatment of Jesus' solemn command concerning baptism and it's significance. If the preacher had done his duty, even afterward, then how could the parents feel the liberty to expose it on national tv, and now even to internet viewers? All in all, I don't think the pastor comes out of it looking well. The parents DEFINITELY do not. As you said, a stern rebuke was warranted, at least to the parents, but it seems reasonable to conclude that none was given as we consider what happened afterward.

I recall that one of Jonathan Edwards' resolutions involves a desire to not even laugh on the "Sabbath". I am not saying that such a resolution is necessary by us, but look at the opposite degree to which we are inclined. How flippantly we treat the word of God and his sacred symbols! If one is able to get away with treating the holy symbol of baptism so lightly, it's probably because God's word is also being treated lightly elsewhere, such as displacing it's need to be prominent in the pulpit by regular, systematic and solemn expositions. I am inclined to think that the pastor is probably your usual minister who "shares" topical sermons, sprinkles the messages with humorous illustrations so that people are comfortably entertained/attentive, and pawns it off as a message from God. That's the path of least resistence, and what happened in this video is the fruit of this regular approach.

centuri0n said...

That's the second time I have seen that video, and it's incredible that a pastor who is a baptist would allow the ordinance to be treated as if it was a game.

It's stuff like this which give the critics of credobaptism plenty of ammunition.

I'm with Tom -- when a kid comes to the pool with that view of what he's about to do, he's not serious. It speaks to conviction. I think it also speaks to the methodology which brings him to "baptism".

jfile said...

By the IMB policy on baptist, are you referring to the one commending Donatism?

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