Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Tragedy on Mt. Hood

Our nation's attention has been unavoidably fixed on the tragic scenario that has unfolded on Mt. Hood in Oregon. The three friends who were lost in blizzards on the mountain have been the subject of many prayers from people around the world. Kelly James, whose body was discovered Sunday, was the brother to Dr. Frank James, President of Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando. Frank is faithful Christian brother whose life and ministry have impacted countless numbers for Christ.

A few years ago Frank told me that Founders Ministries had been used of God to impact his life in a profound way. Specifically, early in his seminary studies he was challenged by one of our conferences to see devotional warmth wedded to doctrinal strength in the Bible's teachings. Through the sad ordeal of the last week he has been a bold witness for Christ as he has served as a spokesman for the grieving families. The following notice was distributed by the RTS E-newsletter today. You can use the address below to email the family a word of encouragement. Most importantly, pray for them.

After a week of searching, the body of Kelly James was discovered in a snow cave just below the summit of Mt. Hood in Oregon. Kelly James is the younger brother of Dr. Frank James, president of RTS-Orlando. Dr. James has served as the spokesman for the families of the three missing climbers through the last week as they waited for severe winter storms to pass through the area so rescuers could ascend the mountain.

In a statement issued Monday, Chancellor Ric Cannada said: "We are all saddened to hear of the loss of Kelly James. We had been hopeful he would be found alive. We are grieving with the James family today, and are still holding out hope that the others will be found quickly and in good health. Our prayers continue to be with these families."

The RTS family joins Dr. Cannada in sending its heartfelt condolences to the James family. We pray for God's comfort and peace to rest on them. If you would like to express your sympathies to the James family, you may do so by email at jamesfamily@rts.edu. For the most up-to-date information regarding services and memorials, continue to check www.mthoodclimbers.blogspot.com.


scripturesearcher said...

I have strongly mixed emotions about this entire human tragedy on Oregon's beautiful Mt. Hood.

Our sovereign God often moves in most mysterious ways to teach us some very valuable lessons.

Surely (without any doubt on my part) this is one of them.

Romans 11:33-36

Brother Hank said...

definitely kept in prayer...

geekforgreek said...

Thanks for posting this -- it has been a rough time for the RTS community. Continue to pray for the James, Cooke, and Hall families.