Friday, December 15, 2006

Ray Clendenen Podcast

Last month I called attention to the LifeWay announcement about Dr. Ray Clendenen being named the Director of Academic Publishing for B&H. Just this week, a new podcast interview with Dr. Clendenen has been made available by Inside LifeWay in which he discusses some of his plans and goals for this publishing venture. Among the plans is the anticipation of making titles available via electronic publishing. He also announces two new books due out this spring. One is a major work on baptism and the other is a 900 page systematic theology written by various authors (including a significant contribution on ecclesiology by Mark Dever--that's not on the podcast, but will no doubt be of interest to the readers of this blog).

The podcast is worth hearing. As I listened to it I was encouraged by the thought that Southern Baptists have the prospects of being involved in publishing some excellent theological textbooks in the future. Good books on relevant subjects can only help promote spiritual health within evangelical churches.


Arthur Sido said...

That was a worthwhile listen. Bro. Ray clearly is a man who understands the need for some solid teaching, which will be a refreshing change from normal Lifeway fare. It looks like the systematic theology is available for pre-order from Amazon, and Dr. Mohler is listed as a contributor (so is Paige Patterson)

irreverend fox said...


how would you describe your eschatology?