Sunday, October 29, 2006

Pray for Reformation

Steve Camp has a good post on how to spend Reformation Day--praying for reformation.


Byroniac said...

Yes, I am completely vain. I'm almost delirious to be the very first comment to a Founder's Ministry post. Great article!

GUNNY said...

Aw ... C'mon!

I missed it by THAT much!

P.S. Tom, just between you and me ... what time of day are you posting the next one so I can smoke the rest of these jokers? I'll keep it a secret.

Gig 'em.

Oh ... by the way, good idea of praying for Reformation on Reformation Day. For some that's a good reminder that we (as individuals and churches) have yet to arrive.

Semper Reformanda!

Tom said...

OK, Gunny. Here is a heads' up on the next post. I am only doing this 'cause you are a fellow Ag. Check back here in 30 minutes. That's 10:15 Eastern time!

DOGpreacher said...

Hey Tom & gunny;

From everything I hear, y'all are some great guys, byt the dogpreacher is counting down the days until you get to meet the mighty arm of Colt McCoy & Co., also known as the Longhorns!

And yes, Steve's call to prayer article is very good!

Tom said...


One of the things I miss about Texas is that annual shootout (athough the last few years it has been a little easier being so far away!). I think that game may actuallly be broadcast in the land that the Big 12 forgot (SW Florida). Perhaps I will get to see it.