Wednesday, October 04, 2006

22nd Fiel Conference for Pastors and Leaders

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This week it is my privilege to participate in the 22nd national Brazilian Editora Fiel Conference for Pastors and Church Leaders held in Aguas de Lindoia in the state of Sau Paulo, Brazil. This conference is the fruit of Rich Denham who, together with his wife, Pearl, has served as a missionary here for over 54 years. Theirs is a fascinating story of God's faithfulness over 6 decades. This is my 3rd time to preach at this conference. Over 1000 people have gathered from across Brazil and even other countries (including Angola).

I highly commend this ministry to churches in America and elsewhere. The "Adopt a Brazilian Pastor" ministry (in which our own church has participated for years) provides books and free registration to the annual conference for a national pastor. The testimonies of men who have been helped by this ministry is most encouraging.

If the Lord brings this conference to mind, please pray for Jim Elliff and me, as we complete our preaching responsibilities over the next 3 days.


Paul Stith said...


I traveled to Niteroi in Rio during the last week of August to speak at a 'mini-Fiel' along with James Grant, Phil Newton and Tom Owen. This is not sponsored by Fiel, but a missionary (Kevin Millard) who is working in association with an Assembly of God pastor and a Presbyterian pastor in the same city. All three have a heart for reform among the churches of the area. This year we addressed the topic of the work of the Holy Spirit (which drew quite a crowd in the AoG ranks) to a group of about 200 pastors and church leaders. It was a wonderful time of minstry among many who are hungry for truth and Biblical instruction.

I'll be praying for you and Jim as you continue there, knowing well both the need and the desire among those who will hear you.

God bless you,


Glenn Hicks said...

Thank you for ministering in Brazil. I am an MK from Northeast Brazil who has come to think that Brazil is neglected as a mission field. I'm in seminary (TMS) and hope to return to Brazil to train pastors and teachers for the Brazilian church.

May God bless you and strengthen you in this endeavor and future ones (Caner debate).


Greg B said...

Dear Tom:
As a pleasant acquaitance of Rich and Pearl Denham, I can tell you that Portugese barrier or not, you will have an encouraging time. I hope you can remember to give Rich and Pearl my greetings.
Greg (and Cindy) Bailey
formerly of Grace Baptist Taylors SC
Attending a Fiel in Brazil is one of my desires.

Tom said...


I met Kevin this week and have enjoyed fellowship with him. He spoke highly of your recent ministry here.


Thanks for the encouragement!


I will greet Rich and Pearl for you.

irreverend fox said...

that is fantastic. I wonder how far off we are before Brazilian churches start adopting North American Missionaries?

phoebe said...

I realize that this comment is highly unorthodox as it has no relation to the original post. However, I recently commented on the Rosie O'Donnel post and would like the opportunity to share my testamony with those who participate here. The web site is

Thank you.

phoebe said...

Sorry, the correct address is

GUNNY said...

How exciting, Tom!

Thanks for your passion for Christ in all lands.

Ray said...

hey dad!! Glad to hear the conference is going well! Can't wait to see you on Saturday, Lord wiling! Love you lots and miss you tons!!

irreverend fox said...

Tom, what is going on with the debate?

Gordan said...


check Dr.White's site.