Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Remembering Katrina? Remember Lakeshore Baptist Church

As the thoughts of our nation turn to last year's devastating Hurricane Katrina I want to call your attention to one of the bright Gospel lights that has been shining on the Mississippi Gulf Coast in the ongoing wake of that storm. Lakeshore Baptist Church, under the leadership of Pastor Don Elbourne, has become a hub for Gospel ministry in the Waveland, Mississippi area in ways that are exceedingly disproportionate to the size of its membership.

Don's blog, Locusts and Wild Honey, is one of the first that I came to appreciate last year, weeks before the storm hit. After Katrina, it became a source of periodic updates on the various relief ministries engaged by Southern Baptists and other Christian churches. Don has proven to be a faithful shepherd to that flock over the last year as not only members but entire communities have faced incredible challenges in daily living. The church stocks and sponsors a Distribution Center where locals come to get food, water and living supplies. Even after a year, they still have days when they serve more than 500 people through this ministry. Of course, donations from people around the nation help keep the center stocked, and volunteer groups regularly come in to aid in the ongoing cleanup work, cooking, rebuilding and anything else that needs to be done.

Our church sent a team of 40 people to assist for a week this summer. I was providentially hindered from participating, but 4 of my children went. They, and every other participant came back humbled and deeply moved by God's work through Lakeshore Baptist. We hope to send another group this fall.

If you want to invest in the relief work on the Mississippi coast, and want your investment not only to meet physical needs but to do so in Jesus' Name for the advance of His Gospel, I know of no better place to direct funds than Lakeshore Baptist Church. You can send your gift to:
Lakeshore Baptist Church
PO Box 293
6028 Lakeshore Road
Lakeshore MS 39558
Pray for Don and the church. The Name of our Lord and Savior is being exalted through their labors in the aftermath of Katrina.


Joe Tolin said...

Great post. Our family moved to Gulfport/Biloxi July 5 of this year and the remaining damage is overwhelming. Thank you for highlighting a very worthy cause. There are still a lot of people who are displaced and Fema trailer cities abound. In my small neighborhood there are at least ten Fema trailers. I watched two houses being demolished from storm damage just two weeks ago. One was next door and the other across the street. The rest of the country should not forget about all the people on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and the other states that are still recovering from Katrina.


DOGpreacher said...


thanks for this information. These are the areas where we should jump in to help our brothers and sisters.